EA Sports FC 24 is bringing back Ultimate Team with more content and features than ever before!

As the highly anticipated release date of September 29, 2023, approaches, exciting details and sneak peeks about this beloved mode are beginning to surface.

If you want to know what to expect from FC 24 Ultimate Team this year, look no further as we delve into a full round-up of this mode.

Everything New in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

FC 24 Item Design – Confirmed

The developers have officially confirmed the design for the regular item of FC 24 Ultimate Team. This year’s item follows the same shield design that has become synonymous with the mode.

Take a look at the showcased items below, highlighting Jude Bellingham and Sam Kerr.

FC 24 Ultimate Team Item design

Women in FC 24 Ultimate Team – Confirmed

Women will now join the men in FC 24 Ultimate Team, allowing you to design your dream squad regardless of gender.

The inclusion of players like Mia Hamm means that you can create formidable attacking combinations. Imagine the goals you can score with Hamm and Haaland as your forward line-up.

FC 24 Ultimate Team Mia Hamm and Figo

PlayStyles – Confirmed

PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ are exciting new features in Ultimate Team that revolutionize how players build their squads.

Unlike traditional team-building based solely on overall ratings, PlayStyles focus on the players’ actual performance on the pitch. This means you can now create a team based on your knowledge of individual players and how they play in-game.

PlayStyles+ takes the concept even further by granting players unique abilities on the field that are not commonly found in others. These abilities make them stand out and give your team a competitive edge.

PlayStyles+ are conveniently displayed directly on the Player Item, making it effortless to identify what they are known for.

Ultimate Team Evolutions – Confirmed

Ultimate Team Evolutions is a new feature where you can take a low-rated player up the overall ranks. For the first time in UT history, users can upgrade base players directly in-game.

By completing a set of objectives, you have the opportunity to boost these players’ overalls. Additionally. you will be able to unlock new Playstyles for your player.

It’s an exciting and rewarding way to enhance your squad and create club legends in the process!

FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions

Animated Item Designs – Confirmed

As part of the Ultimate Team Evolutions, animated item designs are making their way into the game.

While it’s currently unclear if this feature will be available for other item types and future promos, the mention of animated backgrounds suggests the possibility of some visually stunning designs.

You’ll even be able to level-up how their Player Items look with new designs and animated backgrounds.

EA Sports FC

FIFA Points Are Now FC Points – Confirmed

The rebranding of FIFA Points as FC Points is not surprising, considering the removal of the FIFA name.

While the name has changed, it is likely that the process for buying them and the price of FC Points will remain the same.

First Promo to Be Nike Themed – Confirmed

According to the confirmed pre-order bonuses, the first promo of the year will have a Nike theme. This marks the beginning of a new partnership between Nike and EA Sports.

Anticipation surrounds the Nike-themed event, with expectations that it will primarily focus on Nike athletes, although specific details about the promo remain limited.

Similar to previous collaborations with Adidas, it is likely that only players associated with Nike will be eligible for the special items or promotions tied to this event.

 Nike Event in FC 244

UCL & UWCL Campaign Heroes – Confirmed

The pre-order bonuses have confirmed the inclusion of Champions League Campaign Heroes in the game.

If you pre-order the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition prior to August 22, 2023, you will be rewarded with a UCL (UEFA Champions League) or UWCL (UEFA Women’s Champions League) Hero in November.

This presents an incredible chance for players to obtain a remarkable Hero item that will significantly enhance their team.

Campaign Heroes
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