Pro Clubs is one of the most popular modes in EA Sports FC 24 because it allows players to team up with friends and create their own team to compete with.

This mode allows you to control one of the players on the pitch and stick to a specific role to help your club climb the different Divisions.

With EA Sports FC 24, EA is introducing a few new concepts to Pro Clubs to keep the experience fresh and help players stay engaged.

FC 24 Pro Clubs will feature a slew of new features, including cross-play support, playoffs for each division, and a new name to symbolize the start of a new era for the mode.

EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs Changing Name

One of the most noticeable changes coming to Pro Clubs is its new name, Clubs. The new name will also come with a new approach to how EA FC 24 formats its leagues and divisions.

It isn’t too large of a change and likely won’t change the overall foundation that Pro Clubs had already achieved in past games.

The mode is still centered around building a team with friends and having a more cooperative experience.

Clubs Will Finally Introduce Cross-Play

The most welcome change that they’ve shown so far is the addition of cross-play to the Clubs game mode. This means that players will have a chance to form clubs with friends on different platforms.

It’s a great addition and one that will drastically change the scope of Clubs since the competition will likely increase to heights not seen in past games.

FC 24 Clubs Crossplay

The leaderboards for Clubs will also see a change to help players compare stats between the platforms. This will allow players to compare their stats to those playing on the same platform as themselves.

New Feature ‘Playoffs’ Added to League System

EA Sports FC 24 has also revealed that their league system will see a complete overhaul with Clubs and introduce a new competitive mode called Playoffs.

In the new EA FC 24 Clubs League Season, players will need to compete during a League Phase to obtain points and reach higher divisions.

At the end of this League Phase, players will head into the Playoff Phase, where their club will need to play in a fixed number of matches to climb their League Leaderboard and earn additional end-of-season rewards.

Playoffs in EA Sports FC 24 Clubs
Clubs Playoffs is shown at the bottom of the calendar.

Once more is revealed, we will update this article with everything you need to know about Clubs in EA Sports FC 24.

New Customization Options & Reputation System

EA also revealed that FC 24 Clubs will feature a wide range of new customization options for players to use on their own teams.

This will be tied to the new Reputation System where Clubs will need to gain fans in order to tailor the stadium to your liking and improve how well the AI performs in your matches.

The more exposure your Club has, the more you can customize your stadium and improve your AI teammates.