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Everything Happening Today for Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Today is Pokemon Day and the series 25th anniversary. So what do we have to look forward to? Especially after yesterday’s announcements.

First things first, we expect the main celebratory Pokemon news came yesterday. Therefore, we don’t think fans should get too excited today.

While today is officially Pokemon Day, it was the announcement of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends Arceus that was the real news.

But who knows what surprises may be coming our way today? Although, we suspect there won’t be any further game announcements.

There is still a variety of Pokemon-related festivities happening though. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know:

Pokemon Day – What’s On The Agenda?

The biggest news is that Post Malone will be performing at 7pm ET today during the P25 Music concert. Katy Perry has also recorded something for the P25 concert, which we’re excited to hear.

The results of the My Favourite Pokemon competition will also release today, so it will be fun to see who gets the top spot! Our money is on Mewtwo or Charizard – who both seem to win everything!

Pokemon fans in Japan will be able to enjoy a celebratory menu in both Pokemon cafes. We also believe there won’t be any COVID restrictions either, especially now the country has turned a corner when it comes to the virus.

The Pokemon x Zavvi clothing line will also release today. The limited-edition collectors box includes a black holder, socks, bag, and cap with a special Pikachu logo embroidered on each.

A commemorative Poke Ball replica will also release today. It will come in a unique case complete with a numbered hologram authenticator and multi-colored lights that activate when the case is opened.

What About Pokemon Games During Pokemon Day?

A new version of Pikachu will be coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield today. He’ll also be staring in his own Max Raid Battle event.

Concert Pikachu (because of the Post Malone gig) will come with the moves Encore, Celebrate, Electro Ball, and Sing. Long-time Pokemon fans will already know that Pikachu cannot usually learn the move Sing – so this is a first!

Pokemon GO will also offer a range of bonuses to players this weekend, so we’re looking forward to seeing what changes. Don’t forget; a new season begins next week too. – Just be careful where you play Pokemon GO during lockdown!

While some fans are still curious about the rumored Pokemon Let’s Go Catching, it would seem the original leaker deleted their Twitter account yesterday. Which suggests the leak was false.

There’s also Pokemon Snap to look forward to this year.

So, Happy 25th Anniversary Pokemon; here’s to another 25 years!

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