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Every Weapon Nerf Warzone Needs Right Now

Find out every weapon nerf Warzone needs right now.

Warzone has dozens of weapons to choose from, so obviously, some will be better than others. However, there are way too many overpowered and underpowered weapons in the game right now.

While it’s not an easy job to make sure Warzone stays balanced, Raven has done a pretty poor job so far. Luckily, a well-known member of the Warzone community has made his “dream balancing update” to make Warzone fairer and more diverse.

Xclusive Ace’s “Dream” Weapon Balancing Patch

In his latest video, YouTuber Xclusive Ace revealed all of the weapons in Warzone he would like to see buffed and nerfed. The aim of this is to reduce the time to kill in Warzone, which is twice as quick as it was at launch, and to also make more guns viable options.

While low damage weapons like the Krig 6, Groza, and Milano obviously need a buff, what is most interesting is the weapons Xclusive Ace would nerf. These might be a bit controversial!

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Every Weapon Nerf Needed in Warzone Right Now


Despite the FFAR being stealth nerfed once, and then its magazine attachments being nerfed after, it is still way too powerful. It still destroys SMGs up close and is effective up to mid-range too.

Xclusive Ace suggests a nerf to the FFAR’s upper torso damage. This would stop the gun from killing enemies too quickly.

Is the FFAR still overpowered after the new update though?

Warzone FFAR


The Groza will definitely be the best gun in Warzone after the FFAR nerf for these reasons. So it’s important that it gets a nerf alongside the FFAR.

Ace suggests a similar nerf to the FFAR for the Groza. A reduction to the gun’s upper torso damage should increase the TTK enough for it to be viable but not overpowered.

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Best Groza Loadout Warzone


Xclusive Ace also believes that the CR-56 AMAX needs an increase to its recoil. This would stop the gun from being too versatile as it is currently very strong at close, mid and long-range.

Check out the CR-56 AMAX loadout which NICKMERCS calls “the best AR in Warzone.”

CR-56 AMAX Warzone

Warzone Marksman Rifle Nerf

Sniper and marksman rifles with no scope glint are taking over Verdansk at the moment. However, a fix for this exploit is in the works already.

This isn’t the only change that needs to be made though. Marksman rifles do more chest damage than sniper rifles and Xclusive Ace wants this to be switched around. This would hopefully balance the Kar98k and SP-R 208 with the other sniper rifle options.

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Be sure to check out Xclusive Ace’s video below to see exactly how he would change the damage values of all of the guns to balance Warzone.

Meanwhile, the release date for the upcoming Warzone nuke event has been revealed. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Finally, the biggest problem Warzone faces right now is hackers. Luckily Raven software has conducted another huge ban wave to remove cheaters.

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