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Every Weapon in Halo Infinite’s Tech Preview Revealed

Want to know which weapons you’ll be getting your hands on in Halo Infinite’s Tech Preview? We’ve got the answers for you!

As a franchise, Halo is known for featuring some of the most iconic weapons in FPS history. Now, players will get to see the Halo Infinite armory with new and returning weaponry – only some of which is available in this weekend’s Tech Preview.

Check out the Halo Infinite Tech Previews start and end times here, as well as 343 Industries’ full schedule for the trial. This closed beta experience will only be PVE with players facing off against bots this time around.

Halo Infinite Tech Preview Start Time Revealed - Full Schedule

However, if things go smoothly, the developer teases that some classic Halo PVP Arena matches could arrive on Sunday afternoon!

If you didn’t sign up this time around, here’s how to register for the next Halo Infinite Tech Preview. You won’t want to miss out on the much larger-scale tests!

Halo Infinite Tech Preview: All Weapons

Halo Infinite’s Tech Preview is about to arrive and we already have information about all the weapons coming to the Public Flighting.

Players will be able to test out their skills before hopping into the action in Halo Infinite’s Tech Preview. Here are all the weapons that appear in the Halo Infinite Weapon Drills:



The classic Halo assault rifle has been an important part of the franchise since Halo: Combat Evolved. We can’t imagine a Halo game without it.


Halo Infinite Battle Rifle

Fans of more precise shooting will love the new Halo Infinite Battle Rifle, perfect for picking off enemies from a distance with its burst fire.

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MK50 Sidekick

halo infinite sidekick

The Sidekick looks like the perfect sidearm weapon, ideal for finishing off enemies when you haven’t got time to reload.

CQS48 Bulldog

Halo Infinite bulldog shotgun

The new Halo Infinite shotgun packs a real punch. Longtime franchise fans will recognize the weapon as being one of the only ways to stop an Energy Sword in its tracks.

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Halo Infinite Needler

This classic Covenant weapon fires homing needles at enemies. Get enough stuck in their body and you’ll cause a lethal explosion for an easy kill.

VK78 Commando


The Commando is a new automatic Halo Infinite weapon that combines a decent fire rate with heavy damage. It’s definitely one to watch out for!

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S7 Sniper

halo infinite sniper
343 Industries

There’s nothing quite like a Halo sniper rifle and the S7 looks stunning. We can’t wait to hop into a classic snipers-only match on launch day.

Plasma Pistol

halo infinite plasma pistol

The Plasma Pistol may be a Grunt’s favorite weapon but don’t sleep on it. Despite a weak standard fire, the Plasma Pistol can charge up for a powerful homing blast that can remove an enemy’s shield.

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Pulse Carbine

Halo Infinite Pulse Carbine

Assault rifle of the Banished, the Pulse Carbine offers a steady rate of fire and decent damage. However, fire it too long and it’ll overheat for a while, in place of a reload.


Halo Infinite Ravager

The Ravager fires red incendiary plasma at opponents. Plasma will arc in the air towards enemies, and the weapon will need venting to cooldown periodically.


Halo Infinite Heatwave

The Heatwave in Halo Infinite can shoot either horizontally or vertically, with multiple energy blasts that penetrate through enemies. The Power Weapon is perfect for engaging multiple enemies but has a lengthy reload.


(Source: 343 Industries)

Known as an anti-tank weapon, the Skewer fires a rocket-sized spike that’s capable of punching through even Spartan armor with ease. Expect heavy damage but a one shot per reload rate of fire.

Fans will likely be a little disappointed that we haven’t mentioned the Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer – and from what we’ve seen, the weapons are notably missing from action.

However, this Public Flighting test will reportedly be the smallest of all future trials. Expect more weapons to turn up in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, players can keep busy unlocking everything in Halo Infinite Season 0’s Battle Pass – for free!

We’ve also got more details about Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass, Seasons, Live Service content and more!

And Xbox head Phil Spencer is revealing why Halo Infinite doesn’t have a release date yet.

But one major content creator is already calling Halo Infinite’s lack of a Battle Royale a huge missed opportunity. Although a few fans certainly feel similarly, we’re definitely enjoying the return to a classic Multiplayer experience.

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