In Elden Ring, different status effects can help the player deliver massive amounts of damage.

Elden Ring is challenging. Every enemy poses a threat, no matter how small, if you’re not prepared. It depends on your build and what sort of stat you are prioritizing.

Finding a great weapon is one of the more manageable tasks on your journey to becoming Elden Lord. Some incredible weapons can destroy bosses.

But to truly make the best of some of these weapons and builds, you’ll need to understand Status Effects.

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Elden Ring Carian Sorceries

How Many Status Effects Are in Elden Ring?

There are seven different types of status effects that the player can inflict or be inflicted by in Elden Ring:

  • Poison
  • Scarlet Rot
  • Blood Loss
  • Frostbite
  • Madness
  • Sleep
  • Death Blight

As you journey through Elden Ring, you’ll become familiar with plenty of the status effects in the game through bosses or environmental hazards.

Each of the seven status effects usually has a devout group of enemies that use them to try and rain on your Elden Lord parade. Players will want to avoid specific status effects altogether due to the limitations they impose.

Other times these status effects are the basis of a player’s entire build. So it’s worth knowing what exactly each status effect does and how to use it to your advantage.

Here’s everything you need to know about all seven status effects in Elden Ring.

Did you know that poise can affect how well you handle certain weapons?

What Does Every Status Effect in Elden Ring Do


How Does Poison Works?

In Elden Ring, Poison will slowly tick away at your life. Thankfully, you don’t suffer from poison until your poison meter has been completely filled.

Depending on your build and its poison immunity, it could take a while before the poison meter is full. This means you can take a few hits from a poison blade or cloud before you start to panic. But once you do have poison, it can be deadly.

Elden Ring Boss Godrick the Grafted

Various enemies will emit poison clouds that will slowly feel the meter. Once you are poisoned, you will see a “Poison” icon across your screen.

How to Cure Poison

Thankfully there are a few ways to cure yourself of poison. If you have the Speckled Hardtear in your Wondrous Physick, then it will cure you of all status effects.

There are also a few Incantations that will help you, including:

  • Flame Cleanse Me
  • Cure Poison
  • Lord’s Aid
  • Law of Aggression

And the Neutralizing Boluses, a craftable item, can help minimize the effects of poison. This one is handy because if you don’t have a Faith build, you can still craft multiple of them to mitigate poison gain effectively.

How to Boost Poison immunity

Furthermore, if you are fighting an enemy that constantly inflicts poison, then these items will permanently boost your immunity as long as you have them equipped:

  • Immunizing Horn Charm
  • Mottled Necklace
  • Mushroom Set
  • Guardian Set
  • Ant’s Skull Plate
  • Spiralhorn Shield
  • Perfumer’s Shield
  • Coil Shield

But poison doesn’t have to be all terrible news. Players can also inflict poison onto enemies as well. Often being able to poison an enemy can be the difference between life and death.

Players can inflict poison using any Poison Affinity weapons, skills, or Incantations. There are even Spirit Ashes like the Miranda Sprout that will deal heavy amounts of poison to your enemies.

Scarlet Rot

How Does Scarlet Rot Works?

Scarlet Rot is a status effect that infects the host and rapidly deplets its HP.

It can be devastating when inflicted with Scarlet Rot due to how much damage it takes away. When inflicted with Scarlet Rot, the player will begin to lose health at an alarming rate.

One of the most challenging bosses in Elden Ring is Malenia, Blade of Miquella, uses Scarlet Rot in her second form.

Elden Ring Scarlet Rot Guide

This can be especially deadly when navigating the Scarlet Rot-infested lands of Caelid. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways for players to reduce the effects of Scarlet-Rot.

How to Boost Scarlet Rot Immunity

These items will permanently boost your immunity and robustness as long as you have them equipped:

  • Guardian Set
  • Mushroom Set
  • Ant’s Skull Plate
  • Spiralhorn Shield
  • Perfumer’s Shield
  • Coil Shield

How to Cure Scartlet Rot

These Incantations can help cleanse you of Scarlet Rot build-up:

  • Flame Cleanse Me
  • Law of Regression

And you’ll also be able to use Preservering Boluses to cure yourself of Scarlet Rot or to mitigate the rot build-up! It is necessary for players that are trying to make their way through Ranni’s quest since, at one point, you’ll enter the Lake of Rot.

And without the necessary items, you’ll find yourself dying to Scarlet Rot one too many times.

But, most enemies can also be inflicted with Scarlet Rot. Some of the most powerful Incantations like Scarlet Aeonia use Scarlet Rot as a status alignment.

And if you have weapons like the Rotten Greataxe, you can inflict Scarlet Rot build-up with each hit.

Blood Loss

How Does Blood Loss Works?

Blood Loss is perhaps the most powerful status effect that players can use for themselves, depleting 15% of the enemy’s total HP and 7% in the case of bosses once the Blood Loss bar fills.

Most enemies in Elden Ring can be inflicted with blood loss, and one of the strongest weapons in the game is the Rivers of Blood uses blood loss as its main form of damage.

Rivers of Blood Elden Ring

How to Increase Blood Loss Resistance

There are a few items that will help build up your resistance to blood loss:

  • Stalwart Horn
  • Mottled Necklace
  • Dragonbolt Blessing
  • Immutable Shield

How to Alleviate Blood Loss Buildup

You can use Stounching Boluses, Bestial Constitution, and Lord’s Aid to reduce any hemorrhage build-up! This is important when fighting enemies in Moghwyn’s Palace since a lot will deal hemorrhage attacks.

If you’re thinking of getting the White Mask Helm to complete the OP Health Regen Vampire Build, then use these tips to help you navigate the battle.


How Does Frostbite Works?

This status effect occurs when there is a build-up of Frost, and when Frostbiteis inflicted, all damage taken is increased by 20%.

The Consecrated Snowfield is known to house a few enemies that can use frost damage, including Borealis the Freezing Fog.

Elden Ring Frostbite Mage Build

How to Cure Frostbite

Thankfully, players can minimize the effects of Frost using these items:

  • Thawfrost Boluses
  • Flame Grant Me Strength

Despite Frostbite doing massive damage to the players, it can also be used as a powerful weapon against enemies. The Frost Mage Build uses Adula’s Moonblade and Ranni’s Dark Moon to inflict Frost on enemies and lower their magic defenses quickly.

Have trouble locating the Consecrated Snowfield? Here’s our complete breakdown of how to get to the snowfields and one step closer to Malenia!


How Does Madness Works?

Madness deals damage equals to 100+15% of the target’s max HP. It also lowers your Focus Points by 30 + 10% of your total FP.

So if you’re low on health and catch Madness, then it’s almost a sure way to die.

Elden Ring Sir Gideon Ofnir Inescapble Frenzy Cheese

It’s also one of the status effects that you will see around the least since there are not many enemies that can use Madness. Most of the time, you’ll actually be inflicting it on yourself using Madness Incantations which are incredibly powerful.

How to Alleviate Madness Buildup

A few of the Madness Incantations that you will find in Elden Ring include:

  • Frenzied Burst
  • The Flame of Frenzy
  • Inescapable Frenzy
  • Unendurable Frenzy
  • Howl of Shabriri

It’s recommended that when using Madness Incantations, you use the Frenzied Flame Seal to increase their potency and effect.

To reduce Madness effects for a Madness-based build, use Clarifying Boluses.


How Does Sleep Works

When inflicted by the sleep, you will be unable to move for either 60 seconds or until you get hit.

Sleep can render you completely vulnerable. This can be incredibly dangerous in Elden Ring, where even one hit can kill you.

There are very few enemies that do inflict sleep, but there is a lot that can be inflicted by sleep. So it’s always helpful to carry some Sleep Pots or Sleepbone Arrows.

There are also two weapons in Elden Ring that can inflict sleep on their enemies. St. Trina’s Torch and Sword of St.Trina.

Elden Ring

How to Boost Sleep Resistance

If you raise your Focus, you will be able to mitigate the sleep status effect. Sleep is a status effect that players will use more thane enemies.

How to Alleviate Sleep Buildup

You can use the following Incantations, Items, and Skills to alleviate Sleep buildup:

  • Lord’s Aid Incantation
  • Lucidity Sorcery
  • Stimulating Boluses Item
  • Speckled Hardtear Tear
  • Law of Regression Incantation

Death Blight

How Does Death Blight Works?

When Death Blight inflicts players, their character instantly loses all their HP. There is no way to reverse this effect. Once it is inflicted, it is automatically Instant Death.

It is the only status effect that can only be inflicted on Tarnished. Players will not be able to use it themselves unless it’s against other players in PVP.

Lichdragon Fortissax Elden Ring

How to Boost Death Blight Immunity & Alleviate Buildup

Players can mitigate its effects by strengthening their Vitalityusing these items:

  • Rejuvenating Boluses
  • Order Healing
  • Law of Regression

If you do intend to use Death Blight in PVP, then it’s best to use the Death Flare ability from the Eclipse Shotel. The Death Lightning Incantation and Fia’s Mist Sorcery will also help inflict Death Blight on your enemies.

Death Blight is also one of the effects you’ll need to tame in order to fight Lichdragon Fortisaxx during the Fia quest line.

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