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Every Rogue Legacy 2 Heirloom and How to Find It

Every Heirloom in Rogue Legacy 2 will allow the player to unlock new abilities and discover more of what is hidden inside the castle.

Rogue Legacy 2 is a rogue-lite that completely resets your character every time you die. This means any abilities you have found or items you equipped are gone for the most part.

But one of the items that you will find on your journey that will give you a permanent upgrade is Heirlooms.

These Heirlooms will allow the player to gain new movement abilities and dive deeper into the lore of the Rogue Legacy 2.

Here is where you can find them all.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Heirloom
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Rogue Legacy 2 Heirloom Locations

Players will need Heirlooms to progress through certain areas in Rogue Legacy 2.

There are boss rooms that won’t even unlock unless the player has found the proper Heirloom. But thankfully, finding them all isn’t all that difficult.

You’ll need to look for Heirloom Statues and complete the challenge they offer you. These challenges usually involve some tutorial for the ability you will gain.

It doesn’t affect your run, and for the most part, they are relatively straightforward.

Here is every Heirloom location and tips on how to use it best.

Anake’s Shawl

This Heirloom allows the player to dash in the air. Players will be able to find it in the first Rogue Legacy 2 location, Citadel Agartha.

You should see it early on in your first adventure. It is one of the most vital forms of movement in Rogue Legacy 2, so it is essential that you search for it.

If you choose an Heir with the Cartographer Trait, you will be able to see the entire Citadel Agartha map and the exact Heirloom location for both Anake’s Shawl and Aesop’s Tome.

Aesop’s Tome

This Heirloom allows players to interact with Scars, read Memories, and calm Nightmares. With it, players will be able to read more into the lore of Rogue Legacy 2 and unlock the Scar section of the game.

Like Anake’s Shawl, Aesop’s Tome is found in Citadel Agartha in a randomly generated Heirloom Statue room.

Echo’s Boots

Echo’s Boots is one of the most valuable Heirlooms the player will encounter. It upgrades your Spin Kick and allows players to spin kick-off resonant platforms and projectiles.

Once found, players will be able to reset their air dashes using a spin kick.

Players will be able to find Echo’s Boots Heirloom when they first enter Axis Mundis. If you look towards the top, there should be some lanterns that you can use to spin kick yourself towards a door.

Enter the door, and you will need to climb the tower. You will find the Heirloom statue for Echo’s Boots near the top. Complete the challenge, and the boots will be yours.

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Aether’s Wings

Aether’s Wings allows the player to double jump. This is incredibly useful for some of the boss battles that players will need to face.

It is worth noting that a spin kick will not reset your double jump. That only works on air dashes.

Players will be able to find the Aether’s Wings in the Kerguelen Plateau. Simply make your way through the world until your reach the Far Shores.

There will be a portal here and various resonant platforms hidden in the water. Use your Echo’s Boots on these resonant platforms to make your way across the sea.

Eventually, you will reach the other shore. Here you will be able to access the Heirloom statute and proceed with the challenge.

Rogue Legacy 2
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Pallas’ Void Bell

Pallas’ Void Bell allows players to upgrade their Dash into a Void Dash. This Void Dash grants a longer dash distance and the ability to cancel your dash.

Void Dash also enables players to pass through Void projectiles, Void Doors and even interact with Void Lifts.

Players will be able to find it in the Stygian Study, and it is one of the required steps to entering Estuary Enoch’s boss fight room.

Theia’s Sun Lantern

Theia’s Sun Lantern allows players to light up the darkness in Pishon Dry Lake.

To obtain it, you will need to make your way to the entrance of Pishon Dry Lake and talk to the Nameless Knight.

This area is only accessible once players defeat Estuary Irad in the Sun Tower.

Gilgamesh’s Anchor

Gilgamesh’s Anchor will let players interact with Binding Stones. These are only accessible once the player has entered the End Game.

Players will find Gilgamesh’s Anchor once they go through the Golden Doors.

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