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Every Problem in Warzone Season 2 – Hackers, Glitches, Weapons & More

A Warzone fan has made a pretty comprehensive list of every problem he has with the game right now.

Warzone has always had problems. Whether it is cheaters, weapons, or glitches causing them, players almost always have something to complain about.

However, the problems in Warzone are now worse than ever. Some players have even called Warzone "unplayable" and now one player has revealed everything he wants to be changed in Warzone right now.

warzone season 2

Every Problem in Warzone Season 2

Warzone fan and Redditor Jhinsanity posted a list of what he thinks is everything wrong with Warzone at the moment. Hundreds of fans have upvoted the post and replied to it in agreement. Therefore, it's fair to say that these are the changes that most Warzone players want.

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Stopping Power & Dead Silence

The first problem on Jhinsanity's list is the unbalanced field upgrades in Warzone. He mentions that both Stopping Power and Dead Silence are totally overpowered in Warzone and wants both of them removed or made less common.

He isn't the only person who wants the field upgrade removed as a recent fan poll revealed whether fans want to keep or remove Stopping Power.

warzone gas ghost

Warzone Weapon Balancing Problems

Possibly the biggest problem in Warzone at the moment is weapon balancing. The game is totally dominated by the AUG and FFAR and the meta needs to shift soon.

Despite players being totally fed up with the AUG meta, no changes have been made. Luckily, NICKMERCS believes that an FFAR nerf is coming soon though.

Perk Balance

Warzone players usually pick up loadouts with the same perks as most of them are totally useless. Players would like to see some more variety to perk selection by buffing the useless perks and also nerf the effectiveness of Ghost.

Players almost always try to get a loadout with Ghost in Warzone because it makes you totally invisible to UAV and heartbeat sensors. For now, though, make sure you use the best secondary weapon in Warzone for your Ghost loadout.

Warzone Sniper

PC Advantages Over Console Players

It's a well-known fact now that PC players have an advantage over their console counterparts. Between more accurate aiming with a mouse, filters to help visibility, and of course a FOV slider, PC players have the upper hand.

However, this leaker claims to have found out whether console versions of Warzone will get an FOV slider.

Invisible Roze Skins

The Roze skin is certainly one of the biggest problems in Warzone at the moment. It makes you totally invisible when hiding in dark corners of the map and players have wanted it to be removed for a long time.

However, this is a great solution to make the Roze skin fair, without removing it from Warzone.

Roze Rook Skin Warzone Invisible

Unfair Gulag

Another complaint that Warzone players have is the totally unfair Gulag. Players have been asking for the old Gulag back ever since the Nuketown one was introduced because of the unbalanced sides.

However, fans can expect the supposed new Warzone map coming in Season 3 to also feature a new Gulag.


It wouldn't be a list of every problem in Warzone without mentioning glitches. It would take way too long to list all of the bugs that have been found in Warzone recently, which shows how much of a problem it is.

The return of the infinite stim glitch recently shows that Raven Software is not doing enough to fix all of the bugs in Warzone.

warzone verdansk zombies

Warzone's Cheating Problem

Despite Raven banning thousands more cheaters recently, there are still plenty of hackers logging into Warzone every day. This number seems to be higher than ever and something needs to be done about it soon.

Hopefully, the improved anti-cheat Activision is working on will get rid of the cheating problem forever.

Cargo Truck

Last, but not least is of course the Cargo Truck. Also known as the 'Bertha', this vehicle has been a major problem in Warzone for ages now.

It is by far the easiest way to win solo matches and Raven needs to do something to balance this vehicle.

Hopefully, we will see a number of these changes come into effect in the huge Season 2 Reloaded update coming to Warzone. This update will also reduce the overall file size of Warzone.

Warzone Truck

Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect has uninstalled Warzone and called it "garbage". Find out why.

Finally, Activision has forced the Warzone SBMM website to shut down. Players won't be able to find their SBMM stats any more.

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