September 2023 is another excellent month for Pokemon GO events, and the schedule includes everything from Paldea-themed celebrations to the return of the Psychic Spectacular!

These are all of the Pokemon GO events taking place in September 2023, as well as their start and end times (in local time):

In addition to the major Pokemon GO events, don’t forget to tune in for this month’s Raid Hours and all of the September 2023 Spotlight Hours!

Pokemon GO Events Schedule September 2023

Charmander Community Day Classic: September 2

September 2023’s Pokemon GO events schedule kicks off with Charmander Community Day Classic.

This event features increased Charmander spawns, new Research to complete, and some featured attacks for Charizard!

Pokemon GO Charmander Community Day Classic

A Paldean Adventure: September 5-10

The Gen 9 starter Pokemon – Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly – are coming to Pokemon GO in the A Paldean Adventure event!

This event also includes the debut of another popular Paldean ‘Mon – Lechonk!

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure

Ultra Unlock: Paldea: September 10-15

Even more Paldean Pokemon are heading to Pokemon GO in the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event.

Players will be able to get Pawmi, Nymble, Bombirdier, and Frigibax for the first time!

Ultra Unlock Paldea Pokemon GO

Oddish Research Day: September 17

Oddish Research Day features plenty of new exclusive Field Research tasks to complete with Oddish encounters as the reward.

Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day

Psychic Spectacular: September 20-24

Pokemon GO’s yearly Psychic spectacular returns for 2023, and there is plenty of new Research to complete.

The headline addition of this event is the brand-new shiny Solosis!

2023 Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular Adventures Abound

Grubbin Community Day: September 23

Niantic has confirmed that Grubbin will be the star of September 2023’s Community Day event!

This event will feature the debut of shiny Grubbin, plenty of Research, and an exclusive Vikavolt attack!

Pokemon GO Grubbin Community Day

Out to Play: September 27 – October 3

The Out to Play event brings plenty more improvements to Pokemon GO’s new Routes feature and also adds the shiny version of Hisuian Growlithe to the game!

Pokemon GO Out to Play

Azurill Hatch Day: September 30

The final Pokemon GO event of September 2023 is Azurill Hatch Day.

This event includes an increased chance of hatching Azurill, increased Azurill shiny odds, event bonuses, and some new Field Research Tasks to complete!

Azurill Hatch Day Pokemon GO
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