October 2023 is another exciting month for Pokemon GO events, and the schedule includes a number of seasonal events, such as the Harvest Festival and the highly anticipated Halloween event!

These are all of the Pokemon GO events taking place in October 2023, as well as the times that they start and end (in local time):

There’s much more in store than just the major events this month. Don’t forget to play during the October 2023 Spotlight Hours as well as this month’s Pokemon GO Raid Hours!

Detective Pikachu Returns Event: October 5-9

To tie in with the release of Detective Pikachu Returns on Nintendo Switch, Detective Pikachu is returning to Pokemon GO!

What’s more, this event will have some mysterious Timed Research where you need to track down a ‘Pokemon of interest’ with the help of Professor Willow.

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns Event

GO Battle Weekend: October 7-8

The Pokemon GO Adventures Abound season is having its GO Battle Weekend on October 7 and 8, 2023.

During this event, players will have Timed Research to complete, and the maximum number of battle sets per day will be increased to 20!

Pokemon GO Electivire vs Magmortar Battle

Harvest Festival: October 12-17

Pokemon GO is celebrating the Harvest Festival in 2023, and a new Pokemon will be arriving with it.

For the first time ever, players will be able to catch Smoliv in the wild, and evolve it into Doliv and Arboliva!

2023 Pokemon GO Harvest Festival

Timburr Community Day: October 15

Timburr is the featured Pokemon for the October 2023 Community Day.

This event will feature plenty of Timburr spawns, an exclusive attack for Conkeldurr, Raids against Gurdurr, and some fantastic bonuses!

Pokemon GO Timburr Community Day

Skorupi Incense Day: October 21

Pokemon GO is holding an Incense Day event on October 21, featuring Skorupi!

By using Incense during this event, you will be able to attract plenty of Bug and Poison-type Pokemon!

Skorupi Incense Day Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1: October 19-26

Part I of the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event begins on October 19.

In addition to plenty of spooky Research, Greavard is making its Pokemon GO debut!

Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1

Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 2 + Team GO Rocket Takeover: October 26-31

The second part of the 2023 Halloween celebration starts on October 26 and features a Team GO Rocket Takeover.

There will be new costumed versions of Gengar and Pikachu to go with the Halloween theme. Plus, players will be able to battle Shadow Lugia in Raids and catch Shadow Regigigas by defeating Giovanni!

2023 Pokemon GO Halloween Part 2
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