May 2023 looks to be another exciting month for Pokemon GO players with another jam-packed events schedule that includes everything from the monthly Community Day to Elite Raids!

These are all of the Pokemon GO events taking place in May 2023 and the dates when they are happening:

As well as the major in-game events, you’ll want to take part in all of the May 2023 Spotlight Hours and the Legendary Raid Hours that take place every week!

Pokemon GO Regidrago Elite Raid Date & Times

An Instinctive Hero – May 2-8

The first Pokemon GO event of May 2023 is An Instinctive Hero, which features the debuts of new Pokemon Larvesta and Volcarona.

Additionally, players will be able to complete a new Special research Story to encounter Elekid wearing a Spark-themed accessory.

Pokemon GO An Instinctive Hero

Kleavor Raid Day – May 6

Kleavor is making its Pokemon GO debut on May 6 during a limited-time Raid Day event.

The only way to get the Pokemon will be by defeating it in 3-star Raids, so make sure you’re ready for battle!

Kleavor Raid Day Pokemon GO

A Valorous Hero – May 11-17

The A Valorous Hero event is all about Raids, with a brand-new Mega Pokemon coming as a Raid boss, as well as the return of the Hisuian versions of Braviary and Avalugg to 3-star Raids.

Additionally, players will be able to complete a new Special Research Story to get Ponyta wearing a Candela costume!

Pokemon GO A Valorous Hero Event

Regidrago Elite Raids – May 13

Regidrago is returning to Elite Raids on May 13. This gives players a second chance to catch this Legendary Pokemon after it debuted in March.

Find out the best counters to defeat Regidrago in Pokemon GO to ensure you defeat this Elite Raid boss!

Regidrago Elite Raid Pokemon GO

Fennekin Community Day – May 21

May 21 is the date for this month’s Pokemon GO Community Day event, which features the Fire-type Fennekin.

For the first time ever, players will be able to catch shiny Fennekin!

Fennekin Community Day Pokemon GO

Mystery Event – May 22-28

Finally, the May 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule, and Season 10: Rising Heroes, will come to an end with an as-of-yet unannounced event.

While we don’t know any details about it yet, expect the current Pokemon GO season to end with a bang!

Pokemon GO Season 10 Rising Heroes
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