July 2023 looks to be a very exciting month of Pokemon GO events, including the 7th anniversary celebration and this year’s Adventure Week!

These are all of the Pokemon GO events happening in July 2023 and when they will be taking place:

Pokemon GO July 2023 Events List

In addition to the major events this month, there are also the July 2023 Spotlight Hours and all of the Raid Hours this month too!

Clay GO Battle Weekend: July 1-2

July 2023 in Pokemon GO kicks off with a GO Battle Weekend.

Players will be able to battle more often, earn increased Stardust, and even get a Clay-Style Hat item for their avatar for completing Timed Research!

Pokemon GO Battle Weekend Clay

7th Anniversary Party: July 6-12

Pokemon GO always celebrates its birthday in style, and 2023 is the 7th anniversary of the game.

To celebrate the 7th birthday of the game, plenty of classic Pokemon will be spawning, and there will be a particular focus on Pokemon #007, Squirtle!

What Are PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon GO

Squirtle Community Day Classic: July 9

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Pokemon GO, the Pokemon with Pokedex number #007, Squirtle, is featuring in a Community Day Classic.

What’s more, players will be able to encounter a Squirtle with sunglasses by completing Field Research during the event!

Pokemon GO Squirtle Community Day Classic

Catching Some Z’s: July 15-16

The Catching Some Z’s event features two especially sleepy Pokemon in particular.

The Koala-like Pokemon Komala will be making its GO debut, while a new costumed Snorlax wearing a sleep cap will be available for players with the Pokemon GO Plus + accessory!

Pokemon GO Catching Some Z's Event

Riolu Hatch Day: July 22

Riolu Hatch Day gives Pokemon trainers boosted odds to hatch Riolu and shiny Riolu, in addition to some Timed Research to earn a Super Incubator!

Pokemon GO Riolu

Adventure Week: July 27 – August 2

The Adventure Week event returns to Pokemon GO in 2023, and it will bring plenty of bonuses for exploring outdoors.

What’s more, it’ll put Fossil Pokemon in the spotlight and feature two new Raid bosses – Regidrago and Mega Tyranitar!

Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week

Poliwag Community Day: July 30

The final Pokemon GO event of July 2023 is a Community Day on July 30, featuring Poliwag.

Of course, the featured Pokemon will be spawning much more often in this event, and there will also be featured attacks for both Poliwag evolutions, Poliwrath, and Politoed!

Pokemon GO Poliwag Community Day
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