There are plenty of exciting events coming to Pokemon GO in January 2024, kicking off the year in style!

2024 begins with the New Year’s event but has plenty more highlights, including the Rowlet Community Day, the Hisuian Typhlosion Raid Day, and this season’s GO Battle Week!

These are all of the Pokemon GO events taking place in January 2024, as well as the times that they start and end (in local time):

In addition to these larger events, there are all of the January 2024 Spotlight Hours, as well as this month’s weekly Raid Hours to look forward to!

Pokemon GO Events Schedule January 2024
Credit: Niantic

New Year’s 2024 – January 1-3

Pokemon GO is celebrating the start of 2024 with a small in-game event.

The New Year’s 2024 event features a new costumed Jigglypuff, as well as plenty of party-hat-wearing Pokemon!

Pokemon GO New Years 2024

Rowlet Community Day – January 6

The first Pokemon GO Community Day of 2024 features the owl-like starter Pokemon Rowlet!

Of course, you’ll be able to find plenty of Rolwet in the wild during the event, but there is also a featured Decidueye attack and Dartrix Raids happening on the Community Day!

Pokemon GO Rowlet Community Day

Lustrous Odyssey – January 6-10

The headline addition of the Lustrous Odyssey event is that Dusk Form Lycanroc is coming to Pokemon GO.

In addition to this new Pokemon form, Lustrous Odyssey will include Part 2 of the season Special Research Story, alongside event bonuses, updated wild spawns, and a new selection of Raid bosses.

Pokemon GO Dusk Form Lycanroc

Raid Day: Hisuian Typhlosion – January 14

The Pokemon GO Raid Day event for January 2024 features the Hisuian version of Typhlosion.

This regional Pokemon will be making its GO debut in 3-Star Raids during this event. Plus, you could even catch the shiny version if you’re lucky!

Pokemon GO Timeless Travels Hisuian Typhlosion

Dazzling Dream – January 13-16

Niantic has not shared the details of the Dazzling Dream event yet, so stay tuned for more details.

However, fans believe that the shiny version of Cutiefly could make its GO debut during this event!

Pokemon GO Cutiefly Teaser Reveals Next New Pokemon

Porygon Community Day Classic – January 20

The January 2024 Pokemon GO Community Day Classic featured Porygon!

In addition to Porygopn spawning more frequently in the wild, there will be plenty of opportunities to earn Up-Grades and Sinnoh Stones, the evolution items that allow you to evolve Porygon. Plus, you can also get the featured Porygon-Z attack Tri Attack.

Pokemon GO Porygon Community Day Classic

Raging Battles & GO Battle Week: Timeless Travels – January 19-24

Nothing has been announced about the Raging Battles event yet. However, if a new Pokemon comes to the game, then Annihilape would be a great addition that suits its theme!

Additionally, January 19-24 is the Timeless Travels season’s GO Battle Week. This means that players can battle more often and earn bonus Stardust rewards for competing in the GO Battle League.

Pokemon GO Electivire vs Magmortar Battle

Taken Treasures – January 27 – February 1

Niantic has not announced anything about Taken Treasures yet, but we expect that it will feature the coin-loving Gimmighoul.

Stay tuned for more details later on in the month!

Gimmighoul and Gholdengo Pokemon GO

Shadow Raid Weekend: Ho-Oh – January 27-28

The final weekend of January 2024 is the Ho-Oh Shadow Raid Weekend.

This event will greatly increase how frequently Shadow Ho-Oh is in Raids, giving players one final chance to defeat and catch it!

Shadow Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO
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