August 2023 is looking to be a very exciting month for Pokemon GO players, with plenty of events, from Pokemon GO Fest to the World Championships!

These are all of the Pokemon GO events taking place in August 2023, as well as when they start and end (in local time):

Pokemon GO Events List August 2023

Pokemon GO Fest: London & Osaka: August 4-6

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 kicks off with in-person events in London and Osaka.

These events include the brand-new Pokemon Diancie and Mega Rayquaza, which will be appearing globally later on in the month – but more on that later!

Pokemon GO Fest 2023

Glittering Garden: August 5-8

The Glittering Garden event is all about Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon and features the brand-new shiny Petilil.

What’s more, on each day of the event, a different Pokemon will be spawning in local parks!

Pokemon GO Glittering Garden

2023 World Championships: August 11-15

The Pokemon GO World Championships is returning for 2023 and there’s plenty to look forward to!

Passimian is making its Pokemon GO debut, alongside a new costumed Pikachu. Plus, loads of exclusive attacks will be available for evolving Pokemon during the eent!

2023 Pokemon GO World Championships

Froakie Community Day: August 13

Gen 6 Water-type starter Froakie is the featured Pokemon for the August 13 Community Day.

What’s more, for the first time ever, Pokemon GO players will be able to catch shiny Froakie!

Pokemon GO Froakie Community Day

Pokemon GO Fest: New York: August 18-20

GO Fest comes to the New York on August 18, with the third in-person GO event of the Summer!

Like the two previous GO Fest events, it’ll feature Diancie and Mega Rayquaza.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 New York

Noxious Swamp: August 19-22

The Noxious Swamp event features plenty of Poison and Dragon-type Pokemon, which players can catch in the wild, after winning Raids, and as Research reward encounters.

Additionally, the shiny version of Skrelp will make its debut in Pokemon GO during Noxious Swamp!

Pokemon GO Noxious Swamp Event

Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global: August 26-27

To end the month in style, Pokemon GO Fest is going Global!

Of course, this will be the global debut of Diancie and Mega Rayquaza, but there will also be plenty of Research and Field Research for players to complete, in addition to loads of great wild spawns and new shiny Pokemon!

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