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Every New Warzone Map Change in the Season 6 Update

Check out all of the map changes to Verdansk ’84 in the Warzone Season 6 update. This is the biggest map update in a long time!

With a new season of Warzone, comes some changes to Verdansk. However, the Season 6 update will have more Verdansk ’84 updates than ever before.

The last major update to Verdansk added Nakatomi Plaza to Downtown, however that was many months ago now. Luckily, the Cold War & Warzone Season 6 Roadmap has revealed that there will be plenty of changes to the map in the next Warzone update.

Check out all of the major map changes in Season 6 below!

In case you missed it, Warzone is getting a brand-new Pacific map with improved anti-cheat.

Warzone Season 6

All Map Changes in Warzone Season 6

Downtown Destroyed

First up, the new Warzone Season 6 intro cinematic shows a series of huge explosions in Verdansk. One of the worst-hit areas appears to be Downtown.

Some of the buildings have collapsed due to the blast, so Downtown will be much more open in Season 6. However, this has also opened up some new locations for players to explore.

It looks like there will finally be fewer places for the annoying Warzone roof campers to hide!

Warzone Season 6 Downtown Destroyed

Stadium in Ruins

Additionally, the Stadium is once again undergoing a huge change in Warzone Season 6. Like Downtown, this has been hit badly by the blast.

The crane has collapsed and a huge crack in the ground has split the Stadium in two. Players will even be able to run through the cracks in the earth for safe travel across these busy areas of the map.

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Warzone Season 6 Stadium Destroyed

New WW2 Bunkers

Players will also be able to enter new WW2 bunkers in Warzone Season 6. These old German War bunkers have been inaccessible since World War 2 and contain some interesting secrets.

Exploring these bunkers will reveal a series of armaments rooms as well as a system of underground passageways.

Additionally, if the rumors are to be believed, the new WW2 bunkers will have a major part to play in the leaked Pacific map reveal event in Warzone.

Warzone Season 6 WW2 Bunkers

Original Gulag Returns to Warzone in Season 6

Warzone players have been desperate for the original Gulag to return ever since Raven removed it. Luckily, the Warzone Season 6 map changes include the return of the classic Gulag.

Fans of the game were totally fed up with unfair asymmetrical Gulags so the return of the familiar Prison showers Gulag will be welcomed by almost everyone.

However, there will be a couple of differences from the original iteration of the map, to keep this Gulag fresh.

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Warzone Season 6 Original Gulag Returns

And those are all of the major changes to the Verdansk ’84 map in Warzone Season 6. Make sure to check out the Call of Duty Blog for all of the details.

There is also plenty in store for Halloween in Warzone Season 6. A leak has revealed the upcoming Haunting of Verdansk event.

Additionally, rumors suggest that a Donnie Darko operator skin will be coming to Warzone. Plus, yet another leak has revealed that a Ghostface operator could be a Vanguard pre-order bonus.

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