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One of the very few things Epic Games does uniquely with Fortnite is their live events. These events occur at the same time and all players are able to see what is happening at the same time. Epic Games has set up tens of events, we will be listing all the major events chronologically. We will be also excluding music concerts/events.

Season 3 Meteor Event

Regarded as the game’s first and most remarkable event. The Meteor event started by fans noticing a very tiny glare in the sky. The glare grew larger day by day as it got closer to the Fortnite island.

Furthermore, the glare turned out to be a massive meteor that turned destroyed Dust Depot and made it into Dusty Divot. This event also marked the begging of Season 4.

Season 4 Rocket Event

One of the game’s most memorable and favorable events. The Blast Off event also happened near the end of the season. It was started by an NPC (non-player character), The Visitor, who is presumably an alien from space.

The rocket launches from the event unexpectedly teleporting from one area to another. It almost hits Tilted Towers but gets teleported by some mirror-like glass structure. The rocket then teleports and forms another massive mirror-like glass structure in the sky.

Season 5 Cube Event

Following the mysterious event that created an unknown crack in the sky, also was the game’s first major map change. The update added a whole desert area and Paradise Palms.

In that desert spawned a glowing purple cube with unreadable glyphs. The Cube, named by fans as “Kevin” went on a journey flipping around the entire area until he dropped in the waters of Loot Lake. The cube then dissolves turning the water into a bouncy purple liquid. Later, Season 5 ended.

Season 6 Return of the cube & The Rift Butterfly Event

Season 6 starts and Kevin recollects himself from the water to under the center of the house located in the center of the lake. The cube later emerged to create a few floating islands which could be accessible to players.

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Then, the Butterfly Event occurred. After a player touched a Butterfly made out of rift glass he/she gets teleported which made “Leaky Lake” uncorrupted.

Season 7 Ice Storm Event

Following the addition of a desert area in the previous season came the addition of a snowy area, actually the entire map was encumbered in snow, in Season 7 produced by the awakening of the Ice King during the Ice Storm event.

Later, the company displayed a massive “2019” made out of a massive firework celebrating this year.

Season 8 Unvaulting Event

A massive hole in the ground which was located in previously called Loot Lake opened up. Epic Games allowed players to unvault items by voting. The voting area was accessible by jumping into the vault. The players voted for the Drum Gun which.

Season 9 Final Showdown Event

A Monster emerged out from outside the Fortnite island looking for something. He makes his way to the vault and tries to pry it open. However, the Mecha, is opponent comes out of Pressure Plant. They fought for some time.

The Mecha emerged victorious and flew to the void of space.

Season X The End.

After a massive rift, or a black hole sucked the entire Fortnite world the game was stopped. No one could do anything. Epic Games paused the game for several days no one could play. This of course happened at the end of Fortnite Season X.

Chapter 2: Season 1 Live at Risky Reels Event

Apart from a promotional Star Wars event was a New Year 2020 Event. This celebrated the 2020 New Year with a giant “2020” with a Llama on top.

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