Each of the 21 Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes is a challenging enemy with unique characteristics that players can find scattered throughout the different regions.

Defeating them always rewards players with experience points and helps them inch closer to unlocking unique masks from the Field Guide, which include:

  • 3 Infamous Foes – Avenging Wolf Mask
  • 6 Infamous Foes – Avenging Owl Mask
  • 12 Infamous Foes – Avenging Raven Mask

Thankfully, each Infamous Foe is marked on your Hogwarts Legacy map with a skull icon and will stay marked throughout the game once you’ve discovered it.

These 21 Infamous Foe include:

  1. Rampant Dugbog
    • South of East North Ford Bog Floo Flame
  2. Tempeste Thorne
    • East of Falbarton Castle Floo Flame
  3. Gwendolyn Zhou
    • Inside the Ashwinder Hideout near Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade
  4. Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse
    • Part of the Brother’s Keeper Quest
  5. Pergrit
    • Part of The Tale of Rowland Oakes Quest
  6. The Insatiable Spider
    • Part of Tangled Web Quest
  7. The Grim
    • East of Keenbridge Floo Flame. Inside a cave near the cliff wall.
  8. The White Wolf
    • The exact location as The Grim. You’ll need to fight them simultaneously.
  9. Quagmire Troll
    • Northeast of the Northern South Sea Bog
  10. Alexandra’s Troll
    • Part of the Troll Control Quest
  11. Riparian Troll
    • East of Brocburrow Floo Flame
  12. Belgruff the Bludgeoner
    • North of Rockwood Castle Floo Flame
  13. Catrin Hogarty
    • West of North Feldcroft Floo Flame
  14. Ogbert the Old
    • Inside the cave just before North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame
  15. Iona Morgan
    • Southwest of Poidsear Castle Floo Flame
  16. Grodbick
    • Inside the Coastal Mine near the Coastal Mine Floo Flame
  17. Ailsa Travers
    • Northeast of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame
  18. Lord of the Manor
    • Northeast of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame
  19. Dustin Trinity
    • Southeast of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame
  20. Silvanus Selwyn
    • Directly near the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame
  21. The Absconder
    • West of the North Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame

Below you’ll find the exact location of each Infamous Foe, the quest they’re tied to, and tips on defeating each of them quickly.

If an Infamous Foe is tied to a quest, then the map will show the location of where to begin the quest. Once the quest has begun, follow the quest marker to find the location of the Infamous Foe.

Hogsmeade Valley Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

Rampant Dugbog

  • Enemy Type – Dugbog
  • Closest Floo Flame – East North Ford Bog
  • Side Quest – N/A
Rampant Dugbog

The Rampant Dugbog is in a small bog in the location shown above. You’ll find a few other Dugbog roaming the area when you first arrive. Once you engage the Rampant Dugbog, the other Dugbog will also attack.

Use Levioso and Descendo to keep the Rampant Dugbog from using its tongue. That is its most deadly attack.

All dugbog are weak to a combination of Levioso and Diffindo. Use Levioso right before they attack with their tongue. This will levitate them from their tongue.

Cast Diffindo right after to slash directly at their tongue. For most Dugbog, this is deadly and sometimes even an insta-kill.

Tempeste Thorne Location

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard
  • Closest Floo Flame – Falbarton Castle
  • Side Quest – N/A
Tempeste Throne Location

Once you arrive at the above location, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a bandit camp where Tempeste Throne hides.

The best course of action is taking as many enemies down with the stealth spell, Petrificus Totalus. This will allow you to control the battlefield a bit better. Defeat these enemies, and Tempeste Throne will eventually appear.

We recommend using a combination of Expelliarmus, Confringo, Depulso, and Ancient Magic Throw to keep your enemies at bay while you deal with Tempeste Throne.

Crucio is a great spell to keep Tempeste Throne down while you rain down Confringo and Diffindo on her if you don’t mind dabbling with the Dark Arts.

Although, you’ll need to pay a visit to the Undercroft if you wish to learn about it.

Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse

  • Enemy Type – Inferius
  • Closest Floo Flame – North Ford Bog Entrance
  • Side Quest – Brother’s Keeper
Hogwarts Legacy Brother's Keeper

The only way to find Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse is by beginning the Brother’s Keeper side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Speak to Dorothy Sprottle and ask her about Bardolph Beaumont. She’ll mention he went missing and task you with finding him. Follow the quest marker on your map, and you’ll come across Bardolph Beaumont’s as an Inferius.

There are a few other Inferius with him, so use spells such as Incendio and Confringo to light them on fire, or else you won’t damage them.

Once they’re lit up, use a combination of Diffindo and Ancient Magic Throw to lower their health quickly, including Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse.

Gwendolyn Zhou

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard
  • Closest Floo Flame – West Hogsmeade
  • Side Quest – A Basis for Blackmail
Hogwarts Legacy Basis for Blackmail

To find Gwendolyn Zhou, you must speak to Natty to begin the A Basis for Blackmail quest.

During this quest, you’ll enter an Ashwinder Hideout hidden in Hogsmeade. Head into the hideout and defeat all enemies, including Gwendolyn Zhou.

Use spells such as Expillarmus, Confringo, Levioso, and Glacius to keep the Dark Wizards from attacking. You can also use Crucio, but with Natty present, it could harm your relationship with her.

North Hogwarts Region Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat


  • Enemy Type – Goblin
  • Closest Floo Flame – Falbarton Castle
  • Side Quest – The Tale of Rowland Oakes
Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes

Pregrit is found in the side quest, The Tale of Rowland Oakes. Players must follow a map that takes them to Korrow Ruins, where they’ll find Pregrit at the end of the ruins alongside many enemies.

Use spells like Levioso, Depulso, Glacius, and Confringo to remove the different color shields. You’ll need to be on your toes and use Stupefy as much as possible due to the number of enemies alongside Pregrit.

Forbidden Forest Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

The Absconder

  • Enemy Type – Spider
  • Closest Floo Flame – North Ford Bog Entrance
  • Side Quest – Absconder Encounter
Hogwarts Legacy Absconder Encounter

To find The Absconder, you must obtain the Absconder Encounter quest from Edgar Adley in Aranshire.

After this, the quest marker moves into the Forbidden Forest. The Absconder is inside the cave and is one of the most difficult foes in Hogwarts Legacy.

Make sure you bring plenty of potions to help negate damage and heal up. Use as many Damage Spells (Red) as possible to bring down its health. Incendio, Confringo, Diffindo, and Bombarda should all help.

Do not use Utility (Yellow) or Force (Purple) Spells since the Absconder is too large to be affected by them.

South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

The Insatiable Spider

  • Enemy Type – Spider
  • Closest Floo Flame – Tangled Web in Aranshire
  • Side Quest – Tangled Web
Tangled Web Hogwarts Legacy

To find The Insatiable Spider, players must complete Charles Rockwood’s Trial main quest to transition the game to Winter.

Once Winter arrives, players can find the quest in Hogsmeade by speaking to Crispin Dunne. The Insatiable Spider’s location is shown in the quest marker with the quest accepted.

This battle will require players to battle multiple spiders while fighting The Insatiable Spider. Thankfully, spiders are weak to fire spells like Confringo and Incendio.

Use these to clear out the smaller spiders and clear the way to focus on the Infamous Foe. You’ll need your Damage (Red) spells here since any other spells won’t have too great an effect on the spider.

Hogwarts Valley Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

The Grim & The White Wolf

  • Enemy Type – Mongrel
  • Closest Floo Flame – Keenbridge
  • Side Quest – N/A\
The Grim and White Wolf Location

The Grim and The White Wolf are in a cave west of Keenbridge. Head to the location on the map, and you’ll see a cave entrance hidden by trees.

Walking inside the cave, you’ll find yourself with a pack of wolves, including The Grim and The White Wolf.

The best way to fight is to use Crucio to incapacitate either the Grim or the White Wolf and then use Bombarda and Confringo to clear out the other wolves.

Quagmire Troll

  • Enemy Type – Troll
  • Closest Floo Flame – Northern South Sea Bog
  • Side Quest – N/A
Quagmire Troll Location

The Quagmire Troll is northeast of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame. When fighting any troll, maintaining your distance and using high-damage spells is the best strategy.

Use Confringo, Bombarda, Diffindo, and Glacius to help you create combos and build your Ancient Magic Meter. Use your Ancient Magic to dent the troll’s health as much as possible.

Thankfully, you can increase your Ancient Magic Meter to hold up to five charges of Ancient Magic.

Alexandra’s Troll

  • Enemy Type – Troll
  • Closest Floo Flame – Brocburrow
  • Side Quest – Troll Control
Alexandra's Troll Location

Alexandra’s Troll is found just south of Brocburrow after accepting the Troll Control quest by talking to Alexandra Ricketts.

This is one of the more difficult, Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy. To defeat it, players must maintain their distance and use Ancient Magic Throw and their Ancient Magic special to bring down the troll.

Riparian Troll

  • Enemy Type – Troll
  • Closest Floo Flame – Brockburrow
  • Side Quest – N/A
Riparian Troll Hogwarts Legacy

The Riparian Troll is found just east of Brocburrow, inside the Dale Family Tomb, one of the Cairn Dungeons.

To defeat the Riparian Troll, players need to maintain their distances and use Confringo, Diffindo, and Bombarda.

Once you build up enough Ancient Magic, be sure to use that to take off a noticeable chunk of health from the troll.

Feldcroft Region Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

Belgruff the Bludgeoner

  • Enemy Type – Goblin
  • Closest Floo Flame – Rookwood Castle
  • Side Quest – N/A
Belgruff Hogwarts Legacy

Just north of Rockwood Castle, players can find a Bandit Camp where Belgruff the Bludgeoner is holing up.

Head into the bandit camp, and you’ll spot quite a few goblins you’ll need to fight. Cast Experlliarmus, Diffindo, Bombarda, and Confringo to quickly disarm enemies and defeat them.

Catrin Hogarty

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard
  • Closest Floo Flame – North Feldcroft
  • Side Quest – The Lost Child
The Lost Child Hogwarts Legacy

After completing the High Keep main quest, players can find Catrin Hogarty by speaking to Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield. Once you speak to Natty, you’ll begin The Lost Child quest.

Follow the quest marker, and you’ll arrive at an Ashwinder Tent. Inside, you’ll need to sneak about or defeat many Ashwinders before finally reaching Catrin Haggarty.

When fighting Catrin, use Explelliarmus, Confringo, and Diffindo to take down her health quickly.

Coastal Cavern Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

Ogbert the Old

  • Enemy Type – Goblin
  • Closest Floo Flame – North Poidsear Coast
  • Side Quest – N/A
Hogwarts Legacy Old

Ogbert the Old is found near the end of the Coastal Cave. If you’ve already found the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame, fast-travel there and then turn around.

Head back into the cave, and you will immediately see Ogbert the Old alongside a few other goblins. Use Incendio, Levioso, and Depulso to keep the enemies at bay.

Make sure to cast Expelliarmus on any goblins with a crossbow to minimize their attacks.

Poidsear Coast Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

Iona Morgan

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard
  • Closest Floo Flame – Poidsear Castle
  • Side Quest – N/A
Hogwarts Legacy Grodbik Location

Iona Morgan is found slightly south of the Poidsear Castle Floo Flame. Fast Travel there, and you’ll be near a Poacher Camp.

Use Disillusionment to sneak into the camp and take down as many enemies as possible with Petrificus Totalus. Once found out, use Confringo, Bombarda, and Crucio to crowd control the remaining poachers.

With Iona Morgan, use Crucio and Expelliarmus to keep her at bay until you can focus on her.

Marunweem Lake Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat


  • Enemy Type – Goblin
  • Closest Floo Flame – Coastal Mine
  • Side Quest – N/A
Hogwarts Legacy Coastal Cave

Head to the Coastal Mine Floo Flame, located in the northern area of Marunweem Lake. Grodbick is inside the cave alongside several enemies and even an armored troll.

Before you head inside, try to use stealth to cast Petrificus Totalus on as many enemies as possible. This is a great time to use the Petrificus Totalus Mastery Talent to help you defeat multiple enemies at once.

Manor Cape Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

Ailsa Travers & Lord of the Manor

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard & Inferius
  • Closest Floo Flame – West Manor Cape
  • Side Quest – N/A
Hogwarts Legacy Ailsa Traver Lord of the Manor Location

To reach both Ailsa Travers and the Lord of the Manor, you’ll need to head northeast from the West Manor Cape Floo Flame until you reach a large manor with a courtyard.

In the location shown in the map above, you’ll find a statue that you can cast Incendio on to activate. Once it reveals the button, step on it, and you’ll be transported to an underground area.

Ailsa Travers and the Lord of the Manor will both be here. Use Confringo, Incendio, and Bombarda to help with the Inferius in the area.

Crucio can also be useful to keep Ailsa Travers in her place while you fight other enemies.

Dustin Trinity

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard
  • Closest Floo Flame – West Manor Cape
  • Side Quest – N/A
Hogwarts Legacy Dunstan Trinity

Head southeast from the West Manor Cape Floo Flame until you reach the cliff’s edge. You should see some ruins with a Merlin Trial behind them.

Dustin Trinity is near these ruins. You’ll need to take care of a few other enemies here, so using a Thunderbrew Potion can help you out.

Cast Crucio, Expelliarmus, Diffindo, and Bombarda to defeat the enemies.

Clagmar Coast Infamous Foes – Location & How to Beat

Silvanus Selwyn

  • Enemy Type – Dark Wizard
  • Closest Floo Flame – Clagmar Castle
  • Side Quest – N/A
Silvanus Selwyn Hogwarts Legacy

Head to Clagmar Castle. Here you’ll find Silvanus Selwyn inside, alongside one of the largest bandit camps in Hogwarts Legacy.

Use Petrificus Totalus to defeat as many with stealth as possible. When you fight Silvanus Selwyn, you should use Crucio to stop his movements and Expelliarmus to disable his attacks.

Use spells like Bombarda and Ancient Magic to do heavy damage.

Best Spells to Use Against Infamous Foes Hogwarts Legacy

Some of the best spells to use against the Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy include:

  • Expelliarmus
  • Diffindo
  • Levioso
  • Confringo
  • Bombarda
  • Crucio
  • Glacius
  • Depulso

Although there are plenty of other spells in Hogwarts Legacy that players can use to build up combos.