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Every Glitch in Warzone Put in Fan-Made “Ultimate Bug List”

Warzone fans have made an "Ultimate Bug list" which has every glitch in Warzone on it.

Warzone is extremely fun, but hardly perfect. Players have experienced loads of glitches since the game launched a year ago and there are still many that haven't been fixed yet.

However, the glitch problem in Warzone could be even worse than initially thought, as a new list brought to light how many bugs and exploits there are in the game currently.


How Many Glitches Does Warzone Have?

Warzone player Lma0-Zedong has made a complete list of every known glitch in Warzone at the moment. Better get your bookmark because it makes for some long reading.

The list contains over 100 glitches that are in Warzone at the moment and is separated into different categories. This includes game-breaking bugs, crashes, and map issues as well as smaller glitches to do with weapons, menus, challenges, and game modes.

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warzone finishing move

Game-Breaking Bugs in Warzone Season 2

According to the list, there are 6 glitches in Warzone at the moment that totally ruin the game. This includes this insane glitch that lets players get into the Gulag with all of their weapons as well as the invisibility glitch that is back again in Season 2.

Apparently, there are still some problems with aim assist in Warzone too. This is despite Raven apparently fixing the hit detection bugs in Warzone a long time ago.

The rest of the list also includes some of Warzone's most annoying glitches including the one which makes loadout drops fall into the sea on Rebirth Island. A number of bugged locations on the map are also included like this wall glitch spot on Rebirth Island.

The reason for making this list, according to the poster, is "so that devs can see it and finally fix the game". Let's hope Raven Software sees it soon and finally fixes all of these Warzone glitches.

Click here to see the full list of every glitch in Warzone. It's way too long to embed in the article!

Warzone Sniper

Meanwhile, Warzone players can make their game look extra detailed for free. Find out how to download the official high resolution texture pack for Warzone.

Also, Warzone could be getting a sandbox mode soon. This will have vehicle races, activities, and more.

Additionally, Warzone fans are annoyed with the game's Gulag. Angry players want unfair fistfights removed from the Gulag.

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