MW2 was released with a large number of Easter Eggs, and we have a complete list of every single one discovered!

Easter Eggs are hidden references or interactions that players are able to find, and in MW2, there are quite a lot!

More Easter Eggs are sure to be discovered as the game cycle continues so make sure you keep checking back to see what else has been found!

Here is every Easter Egg in MW2 so far!

All Easter Eggs in MW2

Breaking Bad RV in MW2

Within the Multiplayer map of Santa Seña Border Crossing, there is a reference to the popular TV show Breaking Bad. On the map, you can locate the RV that features in the show.

On the door of the RV, you will find five bullet holes covered with duct tape.

This is a direct reference to the show as the RV is similar in style and the bullet holes plus the duct tape match up perfectly.

Breaking Bad MW2 Easter Egg

To locate and find this Easter Egg in MW2, go to the middle point of E5 and E6 on the Santa Seña Border Crossing map. Here you will find the RV.

Breaking Bad MW2 Easter Egg Location
RV Location Santa Seña Border Crossing

COD Ghosts Riley Reference in MW2

In the Campaign mission “Alone”, there is a reference to Riley, the German Shepherd.

The canine is a character the COD fanbase fell in love with in the COD Ghosts Campaign. So fans will be excited to find out that he’s been referenced in an Easter Egg in MW2.

Riley gets a shoutout in the shape of a little bobblehead toy. This is located in one of the bedrooms in “Alone.”

You can discover this Easter Egg as you naturally play through this campaign mission!

Once you have pried opened the bathroom door in the “Alone” mission, you will enter a bedroom. In the far left back corner of this bedroom, you will discover a shelf that displays the Riley bobblehead!

Riley MW2 Easter Egg

Rust Map in MW2

An ode to fan-favorite map “Rust” can be located in the Ground War and Invasion Map “Taraq”.

The Ground War map features a structure almost identical to the one in the famous MW2 (2009) game. It even features the same logo on the front of the structure!

Could this be a hint at Rust returning in our new Modern Warfare 2?

MW2 Rust Easter Egg
Rust in MW2 (2022) & Rust in MW2 (2009)

To discover this Easter Egg by yourself, here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Search for a Ground War or Invasion game until you load into “Taraq”
  • Head over to the edge of D5 on the map
    • This will also be the B flag location
  • The Rust structure will be located here
Rust Location in Taraq

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Billie Eilish “Bad Guys” Cover in MW2

In the mission, “Tradecraft” a band can be located on the streets of Amsterdam. If you listen closely, the band is playing the tune of Billie Eilish’s song “Bad Guy”.

As you play through this mission, you will be able to locate the band on the right-hand side of the narrow street across the canal bridge.

MW2 Billie Eilish Song

Call Of Duty Watches in El Sin Nombre Mission

You can find a display of watches in the mission “El Sin Nombre”. This display features watches from previous COD Battle Passes and Store Bundles.

One of the watches is the Snoop Dogg watch from his Operator and Tracer pack!

The display is located in Diego’s bedroom.

Watches Display in El Sin Nombre

Sandman in MW2 Spec Ops Mission

In the Spec Ops mission Defender Mt. Zaya, there is a possible chance you can get the name “Sandman” as one of your reinforcement soldiers.

Sandman” is a throwback to MW3’s Delta Force. “Sandmanis the call sign for a soldier that fought alongside Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, and Roach. They were all part of Operation Kingfish.

If you want to discover this Easter Egg for yourself, you will need to buy reinforcements from the supply shop. And of course, you will need to know where the supply shop in Defender Mt. Zaya is located!

MW2 Sandman Easter Egg

Burger Town Easter Egg in MW2

Burger Town is Call of Duty’s go-to fictitious fast food chain. It has appeared in a number of COD games across the years and it’s back in MW2 (2022)

It first appeared in the original MW2 across multiple Campaign missions and Spec Ops missions. However, its most notable appearance was on the map “Terminal”.

In the latest COD game, the Burger Town sign can be located in the mission “Tradecraft”. At the beginning of the mission, instead of crossing the bridge, continue straight and you should see the sign!

Burger Town MW2 Easter Egg

Verdansk Football Jerseys in MW2

The jersey of the Verdansk Football Club, which plays inside the “Stadium” POI in the Verdansk map, can be located in the bike store of the mission “Tradecraft”.

These jerseys belong to the “Verdansk Sparks” and feature a unique shield and logo for the team.

Verdansk Sparks Jersey

Reference To Ghost’s Death in Original MW2

In the cutscene at the end of the Campaign mission “Prison Break” Ghost says “Shepherd Burned Us”.

For those who did not play the original MW2, this is a reference to Shepherd burning Ghost’s body in that game’s campaign, something that thankfully didn’t happen again this time around, despite the General’s betrayal.

Ghost Referencing his Death in Previous MW2.

Captain Price’s Prisoner Number

In the mission “Ghost Team” when you come out of the underground tunnel, Gaz will need to input a code to get into the warehouse. Vargas replies that the code is 6-2-7.

This is a reference to Captain Price’s old prisoner number in the original MW2.

MW2 627 Easter Egg

“All Ghillied Up” Reference in MW2

The MW2 mission “Recon by Fire” is a reference to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2007) mission “All Ghillied Up”

Both missions’ concepts are identical as players crawl through the grass in a stealth operation.

If this wasn’t convincing enough that it is a reference, Captain Price says the same thing Captain MacMillan says in the original mission!

Try to anticipate their paths. If you have to maneuver, do it slow and steady. No quick movements.

Captain Macmillan (Call of Duty Modern Warfare – 2007) & Captain Price (MW2 – 2022)
MW2 All Ghillied Up Easter Egg

Ghost’s Mask Origin Easter Egg in MW2

In MW2’s Campaign Soap and Ghost meet up with Vargas, Vargas’ partner Rodolfo says the following:

With your mask, you will fit in well here, Ghost.

Rodolfo (MW2)

This is a nod to the origin of how Simon “Ghost” Riley obtained his iconic mask.

Ghost was betrayed by his squad in Mexico and subsequently placed in a coffin alongside one of his teammates, according to a series of comic books.

Throughout this, Ghost was brainwashed such that everyone with a skull painted on their face reminded him of his father, whom he hated.

Ghost was forced to push his way out of the coffin by using the skull of his dead friend. To further add to his obsession with skulls, all of these events happened on Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead.

Ghost Mask Origin

Laughing at Soap’s Name Easter Egg

At the start of “El Sin Nombre”, there is a throwback quote mocking Soap’s name. This is a reference to the original Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, where Captain Price jokes about the name upon first meeting the now-iconic character.

Soap Easter Egg MW2

30,000 Men

At the end of the final mission “Countdown”, there is a mention of 30,000 people.

This number is a direct throwback to General Shepherd’s final speech at the end of the original MW2 campaign. In this speech he claims to have lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye.

The 30,000 People Easter Egg in MW2

No Russian

At the end of the MW2 campaign, there is an ending cut scene that showcases a man on a plane texting someone “You Ready?”. The text he receives back displays “No Russian”.

This is a direct reference to the original MW2’s mission of the same name.

No Russian Easter Egg

Ghost Team Masks

In the mission “Ghost Team”, the scene where everyone puts on a Ghost mask is a callback to how the story of Call of Duty Ghosts began.

At the start of the COD Ghost’s campaign, there is a scene where a group of soldiers put on Ghost masks. Both of these scenes are very similar in how they are portrayed!

Ghost in the Ghost Team Mask

MW (2029) 451 Easter Egg

In the mission “Alone” there is a keypad combination “451” inside the auto repair shop. But hardcore COD fans might recognize that number from the previous Modern Warfare title.

This number is a reference to the campaign in MW (2019). “451” was the unlock to Barkov’s office.

451 Easter Egg

MW2 Codes for Missions

In the missions “Alone” & El Sin Nombre, there are three safes across these two missions.

To access the safes, you will need to do some investigating to discover the codes! We already have two full guides on how to access these safes!

Find out the safe codes in “Alone” and the safe code in “El Sin Nombre”!

Teddy Bear Easter Eggs in MW2

OG Call of Duty fans will know all about Teddy Bears. The returning stuffed animal is found in multiple campaign missions.

So far, there have been two Teddy Bears discovered. Here are all the locations!

You can discover the first Teddy Bear in the mission “Borderline”. In the first house you attempt to de-escalate, you need to walk past the guy who tries to hit you with a baseball bat.

From there you will enter a bedroom. The Teddy Bear will be located by the corner of the bed, placed up against the wall!

Teddy Bear in Borderline

You can find the second bear’s location in the mission “Alone”. You will naturally discover this bear in the campaign mission.

The bear is sitting on one of the shelves in the mission!

Teddy Bear in Alone

That is every MW2 Easter, we could find! If you discover any other secrets, let us know in the comments!

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