Blizzard has confirmed that every Diablo 4 Season will require players to make a new character if they wish to progress through the Battle Pass and Seasonal Journey.

Veteran Diablo players likely already saw this coming since, in Diablo 3, only Seasonal Characters were able to participate in each Season of the game.

Each Season would introduce unique rewards and objectives for players to complete. Diablo 4 will likely be similar but with the addition of some new mechanics and a Battle Pass.

Diablo 4 Seasons Will Require New Characters For Progression

Blizzard confirmed that players would need to create a new seasonal character for the Diablo 4 Battle Pass progression in a tweet by Rod Fergusson, General Manager of Diablo.

This means that players must create a new character with every Diablo 4 season to participate in any seasonal content or Battle Pass rewards.

For some veteran players, this isn’t too surprising. Diablo 3 featured a similar system where only seasonal characters created during a season could participate in any season content.

New players may not find this information too appealing since it essentially means that they’ll need to sideline their current characters with every season of Diablo 4.

Players that want to continue playing with their original characters will miss out on “seasonal questline, mechanics, season journey, and battle pass.”

There isn’t a reason to stick with your original characters during a season unless you’re still looking to reach Level 100, which isn’t an easy feat.

It takes almost the same amount of XP to get from Level 1 to Level 85 as it does to go from Level 85 to Level 100.

Players are also concerned with how Renown will work with the season content. Blizzard has already mentioned that some items will reset.

Thankfully, the list of items that will reset does not include any Altar of Lilith that players have already found.

What is a Seasonal Character in Diablo 4?

The first season of Diablo 4 hasn’t started yet, but if it works similarly to past games, then a Seasonal Character is a character that players can create at the start of a Season Journey.

These are completely new characters that start at Level 1. But if players have completed the campaign once, they’ll have the chance to skip the campaign with any new character they create.

This makes it easier to reach the endgame content and focus strictly on just leveling up your character to Level 50 so that you can obtain all the skill points to build with.