This is every collaboration that there has ever been in the history of Fortnite. All past, present, and even upcoming collabs in the popular battle royale.

Fortnite is the king of collaborations. There have been characters from other games, comic book heroes, and even real-world icons that have been able to jump into the Fortnite battle bus.

With so many, keeping track of every collab and crossover that Fortnite has ever had can be challenging. Thankfully, we’ve compiled them all into one complete guide.

Here you can find every collab and crossover Fortnite ever had, what skins will never be on the Item Shop again, and other exciting facts about Fortnite and its collaborations.

All Previous Fortnite Collabs & Crossovers

Here is a breakdown of what the type of collaboration means for each brand:

Infinity Gauntlet LTMMarvel’s Avengers: Infinity Ward4May 8, 2018LTM
NFL Cosmetic ItemsNational Football League6Nov. 9, 2018Item Shop Cosmetics
Risky Reels Wreck-It Ralph Easter Egg & Hot Marat EmoteRalph Breaks the Internet6Nov. 24, 2018Redeemable Code & In-Game Easter Egg
Marshmello Bundle & Concert Marshmello7Feb. 2, 2019Live Event, Item Shop Cosmetics
Black WidowMarvel8Apr. 25, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Endgame LTMMarvel’s Avengers: Endgame8Apr. 25, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics, LTM
Star-LordMarvel8Apr. 30, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Fortnite x NERFNERF82019 & 2021Real World Promotion
John WickJohn Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum9 May 16, 2019LTM
JordanAir Jordan9May 25, 2019LTM, Creative Mode
Chief HopperStranger Things9Jul. 5, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
DemogorgonStranger Things9Jul. 5, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Black MantaDC Comics9Jul. 16, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Psycho BanditBorderlandsXAug. 27, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Major Lazer BundleMajor LazerXAug. 23, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
PandoraBorderlands 3XAug. 27, 2019In-Game Location
IT Chapter Two Red BalloonsIT Chapter TwoXSept. 5, 2019In-Game Easter Egg
Gotham CityDC ComicsXSept. 21, 2019LTM
CatwomanDC ComicsXSept. 21, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
BatmanDC ComicsXSept. 25, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Imperial StormtrooperStar WarsCh 2: S1Nov. 15, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Finn, Rey, Sith TrooperStar WarsCh 2: S1Dec. 13, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
Star Wars Live at RiskyStar WarsCh 2: S1Dec. 14, 2019Live Event, LTM
Kylo Ren, Zorii BlissStar Wars Ch 2: S1Dec. 21, 2019Item Shop Cosmetics
NinjaIcon SeriesCh 2: S1Jan. 17, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Harley QuinnDC ComicsCh 2: S1Feb. 7, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
DeadpoolMarvelCh 2: S2Apr. 3,
Battle Pass Reward, LTM
Ravenpool, CuddlepoolMarvelCh 2: S2Apr. 9, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Punk’d Live At RiskyPunk’dCh 2: S2Apr. 10, 2020Live Event
Domino, Cable, PsylockeMarvelCh 2: S2Apr. 20, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Travis Scott’s AstronomicalTravis ScottCh 2: S2Apr. 23, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics, Live Event
Houseparty App IntegrationHousepartyCh 2: S22020Redeemable Item
TenetTenetCh 2: S2May 21, 2020Live Event
AquamanDC ComicsCh 2: S3Jun. 17, 2020Battle Pass Reward
LoserfruitIcon SeriesCh 2: S3Jun. 22, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Captain AmericaMarvelCh 2: S3Jul. 3, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Black MantaDC ComicsCh 2: S3Jul. 16, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Nexus WarMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Season Collaboration
ThorMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
Jennifer WaltersMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
GrootMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
StormMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
Doctor DoomMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
MystiqueMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
Tony StarkMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 27, 2020Battle Pass Reward
Silver SurferMarvelCh 2: S4Aug. 30, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Blade MarvelCh 2: S4Sept. 25, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Rocket League Llama-Rama Rocket LeagueCh 2: S4Sept. 26, 2020Quest Rewards
DaredevilMarvelCh 2: S4Oct. 18, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Party TrooperJ BalvinCh 2: S4Oct. 21, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
GhostbustersGhostbustersCh 2: S4Oct. 25, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics, In-Game Easter Egg
GhostriderMarvelCh 2: S4Nov. 8, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
NFL Cosmetics 2National Football LeagueCh 2: S4Nov. 10, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
LachlanIcon SeriesCh 2: S4Nov. 13, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Last Laugh BundleDC ComicsCh 2: S4Nov. 18, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
The MandalorianStar WarsCh 2: S5Dec. 2, 2020LTM
KratosGod of WarCh 2: S5Dec. 4, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Master ChiefHaloCh 2: S5Dec. 11, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Daryl Dixon & MichonneThe Walking DeadCh 2: S5Dec. 17, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, & TaskmasterMarvelCh 2: S5Dec. 22, 2020Item Shop Cosmetics
Green ArrowDC ComicsCh 2: S5Dec. 31, 2020Fortnite Crew Bundle
TheGrefgIcon SeriesCh 2: S5Jan. 17, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
PredatorPredatorCh 2: S5Jan. 20, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Sarah Connor & T-800The TerminatorCh 2: S5Jan. 21, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Snake EyesG.I. JoeCh 2: S5Jan. 31, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
TRON: LegacyTRONCh 2: S5Feb. 12, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
The FlashDC ComicsCh 2: S5Feb. 14, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Ryu & Chun-LiStreet FighterCh 2: S5Feb. 21, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Ellen Ripley & XenomorphAlienCh 2: S5Feb. 26, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
LazarbeamIcon SeriesCh 2: S5Mar. 5, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Ant-ManMarvelCh 2: S5Mar. 7, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
RavenDC ComicsCh 2: S6Mar. 16, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Lara CroftTomb Raider Ch 2: S6Mar. 16, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Rocket league Llama-Rama 2Rocket LeagueCh 2: S6Mar. 25, 2021Quest Rewards
AloyHorizon Zero DawnCh 2: S6Apr. 16, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Neymar Jr. NeymarCh 2: S6Apr. 27, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Batman ZeroDC ComicsCh 2: S6May 5, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Beast BoyDC ComicsCh 2: S6May 14, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Catwoman ZeroDC ComicsCh 2: S6May 19, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
NBANational Basketball AssociationCh 2: S6May 19, 2021LTM, Creative Mode
KelsierMistbornCh 2: S6May 28, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Deathstroke ZeroDC ComicsCh 2: S6Jun. 2, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Rick SanchezRick & MortyCh 2: S7Jun. 8, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Rebirth Harley Quinn DC Comics Ch 2: S7Jun. 16, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
ThanosMarvelCh 2: S7Jun. 27, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
LokiMarvelCh 2: S7Jul. 1, 2021Fortnite Crew
Armored Batman ZeroDC ComicsCh 2: S7Jul. 7, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
SupermanDC ComicsCh 2: S7Jul. 8, 2021, 2021Battle Pass Reward
GuggimonSuperplasticCh 2: S7Jul. 8, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Harry Kane & Marco ReusUEFA EURO 2020Ch 2: S7Jul. 8, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
LeBron JamesLeBron James/ Space Jam: A New LegacyCh 2: S7Jul. 15, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
BughaIcon SeriesCh 2: S7Jul. 21, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
FerrariFerrariCh 2: S7Jul. 22, 2021In-Game Items, Item Shop Cosmetics
GildedguyGildedyguyCh 2: S7Jul. 23, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
BloodsportDC ComicsCh 2: S7Aug. 4, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Rift TourAriana GrandeCh 2: S7Aug. 6, 2021Live Event, Item Shop Cosmetics
Cammy & GuileStreet FighterCh 2: S7Aug. 8, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
DudeFree GuyCh 2: S7Aug. 12, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
GamoraMarvelCh 2: S7Aug. 15, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Wonder WomanDC ComicsCh 2: S7Aug. 20, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Mecha MortyRick & MortyCh 2: S7Aug. 22, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
March Through Time TIME MagazineCh 2: S7Aug. 26, 2021Quest Rewards
J BalvinJ BalvinCh 2: S7Aug. 27, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Mike LowreyBad BoysCh 2: S7Aug. 29, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Shang-ChiMarvelCh 2: S7Sept. 3, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
CarnageMarvelCh 2: S8Sept. 13, 2021Battle Pass Reward
JankySuperplasticCh 2: S8Sept. 13, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Balenciaga UnleashedBalenciagaCh 2: S8Sept. 21, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Eddie BrockMarvelCh 2: S8Sept. 24, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Frankenstein’s MonsterUniversalCh 2: S8Oct. 6, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Rick GrimesThe Walking Dead Ch 2: S8Oct. 10, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
KAWS SkeletonKAWSCh 2: S8Oct. 18, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Paul Atreides & ChaniDuneCh 2: S8Oct. 20, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Spacefarer Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeCh 2: S8Oct. 22, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
The MummyUniversalCh 2: S8Oct. 23, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineResident EvilCh 2: S8Oct. 24, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
The Batman Who LaughsDC ComicsCh 2: S8Oct. 26, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Frankenstein’s BrideUniversalCh 2: S8Oct. 30, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
El Chapulín ColoradoChesperitoCh 2: S8Nov. 2, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Arcane JinxLeague of LegendsCh 2: S8Nov. 5, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Monopoly TokensMonopolyCh 2: S8Nov. 6, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Dark PhoenixMarvelCh 2: S8Nov. 12, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Team 7 NarutoCh 2: S8Nov. 16, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
RadioheadRadioheadCh 2: S8Nov. 18, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Moncler ClassicMonclerCh 2: S8Nov. 21, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Nick FuryMarvelCh 2: S8Nov. 26, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Air Jordan Cool GreyJordanCh 2: S8Dec. 2, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Spider-ManMarvelCh 3: S1Dec. 5, 2021Battle Pass Reward
Kait Diaz & Marcus FenixGears of WarCh 3: S1Dec. 10, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Rocket League Llama-Rama 3Rocket League SideswipeCh 3: S1Dec. 13, 2021Quest Rewards
Spider-Man & MJMarvelCh 3: S1Dec. 17, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Follow the White RabbitMatrixCh 3: S1Dec. 21, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Boba FettStar Wars Ch 3: S1Dec. 25, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Karate KO & Cobra Kai GearCobra KaiCh 3: S1Dec. 31, 2021Item Shop Cosmetics
Dance MonkeyTones & ICh 3: S1Jan. 20, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Clinton Barton & Kate BishopMarvelCh 3: S1Jan. 21, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Arcane ViLeague of LegendsCh 3: S1Jan. 23, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Green GoblinMarvelCh 3: S1Jan. 28, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Fennec Shand & KrrsantanDuneCh 3: S1Feb. 9, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Bruno Mars & Anderson PaakSilk SonicCh 3: S1Feb. 11, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Nathan Drake & Chloe FrazerUnchartedCh 3: S1Feb. 18, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Rogue & GambitMarvelCh 3: S1Feb. 25, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Naomi OsakaNaomi OsakaCh 3: S1Mar. 4, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
TardisDoctor WhoCh 3: S1Mar. 17, 2022Redeemable Code
Doctor StrangeMarvelCh 3: S2Mar. 20, 2022Battle Pass Reward
Segway TourSegway INC. Ch 3: S2Mar. 20, 2022Battle Pass Reward
Mary Jane WatsonMarvelCh 3: S2Mar. 24, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Chloe KimChloe KimCh 3: S2Mar. 27, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Diamond PonyTiny Tina’s WonderlandsCh 3: S2Apr. 2, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Ezio AuditoreAssassin’s CreedCh 3: S2Apr. 8, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Eivor VarinsdottirAssassin’s CreedCh 3: S2Apr. 8, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Basquiat BundleJean-Michel BasquiatCh 3: S2Apr. 11, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Lyric & WilderCoachellaCh 3: S2Apr. 15, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Prowler MarvelCh 3: S2Apr. 19, 2022Battle Pass Reward
Moon KnightMarvelCh 3: S2Apr. 21, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Poet & AltoCoachella Ch 3: S2Apr. 22, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Throwback BG & B.R.I.T.E.Wu-Tang ClanCh 3: S2Apr. 24, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Sakura & BlankaStreet FighterCh 3: S2April 29, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Scarlet WitchMarvelCh 3: S2May 6, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
ChicaIcon SeriesCh 3: S2May 8, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
RoboCopRoboCopCh 3: S2May 14, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Ali-AIcon SeriesCh 3: S2May 20, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Unofficial EyewearUnofficialCh 3: S2May 23, 2022Real World Promotion
Obi-Wan KenobiStar WarsCh 3: S2May 27, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
PAC-MAN & PAC-BrainedPAC-MANCh 3: S2Jun. 2, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Darth VaderStar Wars Ch 3: S3Jun. 5, 2022Battle Pass Reward
Spider-Man ZeroMarvelCh 3: S3Jun. 17, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Among Us BundleAmong UsCh 3: S3Jun. 18, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Itachi, Gaara, Orichimaru, HinataNarutoCh 3: S3Jun. 24, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Galaxian EmoteGalaxianCh 3: S3Jun. 30, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
KAWSPEELYKAWSCh 3: S3Jul. 3, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
It Was All A DreamNOTORIOUS B.I.G.Ch 3: S3Jul. 3, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Indiana JonesIndiana JonesCh 3: S3Jul. 6, 2022Battle Pass Reward
Thor Odinson, Mighty ThorMarvelCh 3: S3Jul. 8, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Secret Lair Drop Series: FortniteMagic: The GatheringCh 3: S3Jul. 21, 2022Real World Promotion
John CenaWWECh 3: S3Jul. 29, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Wolverine ZeroMarvelCh 3: S3Aug 1, 2022Fortnite Crew
Dragon Ball Power Unleashed!Dragon Ball SuperCh 3: S3Aug 16, 2022LTM, Creative Mode
Legends of the Light and DarkDestiny 2Ch 3: S3Aug. 23, 2022Item Shop / Creative
Patrick MahomesPatrick MahomesCh 3: S3Aug. 22, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
StarfireDC – Teen TitansCh 3: S3Sep. 2, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Spider-GwenMarvelCh 3: S4Sep. 18, 2022Battle Pass Reward
Black AdamDC ComicsCh 3: S4Oct 20, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Ash WilliamsEvil DeadCh 3: S4Oct 23, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Star Wars: Original Trilogy Set (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia)Star WarsCh 3: S4Nov 1, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Doom SlayerDoomCh 4: S1Dec 4, 2022Battle Pass Reward
HulkMarvelCh 4: S1Dec 4, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Mr BeastMr BeastCh 4:
Dec 14, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Izuku Midoriya, All Might, Katsuki Bakugo & Ochaco UrarakaMy Hero AcademiaCh 4: S1Dec 16, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Giannis AntetokounmpoNBACh 4: S1Dec 24, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Isaac ClarkeDead SpaceCh 4: S1Jan 23, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
The Kid LAROIThe Kid LAROICh 4: S1Jan 26, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Son Gohan & PiccoloDragon Ball ZCh 4: S1Jan 31, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Geralt of RivieraThe WitcherCh 4: S1Feb 7, 2023Battle Pass Reward
Sam WilsonMarvelCh 4: S1Feb 18, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Adonis CreedCreedCh 4: S1March 3, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Leon S. Kennedy & Claire RedfieldResident EvilCh 4: S2March 17, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Eren JaegerAttack on TitanCh 4: S2April 11, 2023Battle Pass Reward
Mikasa & Levi AckermannAttack on TitanCh 4: S2April 11, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
  • In-Game Event
    • Events that occur within a Fortnite match.
  • Item Shop Cosmetics
    • Cosmetics that players can purchase from the Item Shop for Vbucks.
  • In-Game Easter Egg
    • A small easter egg that can be found within a Fortnite match.
    • It can be easy to miss.
  • In-Game Location
    • This is a POI in Fortnite that was changed to resemble a location in the brand they are collaborating with.
  • Live Event
    • An in-game event that was only available during a set time frame and date. Usually, Fortnite in-game concerts are Live Events.
  • Limited Time Mode (LTM)
    • This is a Fortnite event that featured multiple aspects, including:
      • Quests & Rewards
      • In-Game Usable Items
      • In-Game Boss
      • Limited Time Fortnite POI
      • Item Shop Cosmetics
  • In-Game Items
    • Items that players could pick up in a Fortnite match and use.
  • Real World Promotion
    • This is a collaboration that Fortnite did that featured real-world products.
  • Season Collaboration
    • This means that Fortnite collaborated with a brand for the entirety of the season. This means most Battle Pass items for the season relate to that specific brand.
  • Creative Mode
    • This is a collaboration or crossover in Fortnite that included a Creative Mode map.
  • Redeemable Code
    • An in-game item that was redeemable with a code.
  • Battle Pass Reward
    • Only obtainable as a Battle Pass Reward
  • Fortnite Crew
    • Only obtainable as a Fortnite Crew Reward
  • Quest Rewards
    • Items that were obtainable by completing in-game quests.

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Fortnite Harley Quinn

All Current Fortnite Collabs & Crossovers

Giannis AntetokounmpoNBACh 4: S1Dec 24, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
Mikasa & Levi AckermannAttack on TitanCh 4: S2April 11, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Eren JaegerAttack on TitanCh 4: S2April 11, 2023Battle Pass Reward
Lyric, Wilder, Alro, PoetCoachellaCh 3: S2Apr. 15, 2022Item Shop Cosmetics
The Kid LAROIThe Kid LAROICh 4: S1Jan 26, 2023Item Shop Cosmetics
Fortnite x Dragon Ball

All Upcoming & Rumored Fortnite Collabs & Crossovers

Peter Griffin (Rumor)Family GuyItem Shop Cosmetics
These collaborations were last updated on April 15, 2022

Are There Fortnite Skins That Might Never Return?

Unfortunately, there are skins that players may never see in Fortnite again because of copyright issues or because they were exclusive to a specific Battle Pass or promotion.

  • Stranger Things – Copyright Issues
    • Currently, Stranger Things has run into some copyright issues, which have prevented the popular Hopper and Demogorgon skins from being in the Item Shop.
    • They were unavailable during the Season 4 premiere, but there have been rumors that they may return soon and even include a new ‘Vecna’ skin.
Fortnite Stranger Things Crossover

Fortnite Crew Exclusive Collaborations

Fortnite Crew is Fortnite’s monthly subscription service which includes vbucks, the Battle Pass, and an exclusive outfit.

Sometimes those outfits are collaborations with other brands. If an outfit shows up in Fortnite Crew, then the only way to obtain it will be by subscribing for that month.

After it leaves Fortnite Crew, the outfit will be gone for good.

These are all the current Fortnite Crew Exclusive Collaboration Skins:

  • Green Arrow
  • Loki
  • Wolverine
Fortnite Crew Crossover Skins

Battle Pass Exclusive Collaborations

Collaborations obtained as Battle Pass Rewards will only be available during the Season that the reward appeared.

Once the Season is over, the Battle Pass Rewards will be unobtainable. This means that the skins will never appear in the Item Shop.

This is a list of Battle Pass Exclusive skins that will never be in the Item Shop:

  • Aquaman
  • The Mandalorian
  • Deadpool
  • Raven
  • Lara Croft
  • Thor
  • Jennifer Walters
  • Groot
  • Tony Stark
  • Mystique
  • Storm
  • Doctor Doom
  • Rick Sanchez
  • Superman
  • Janky
  • Carnage
  • Darth Vader
  • Indiana Jones
  • Prowler
  • Darth Vader
  • Spider-Man
  • Segway Tour
  • Doom Guy
  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Eren Jaeger
Fortnite Battle Pass Crossover

What Was the First Crossover Event in Fortnite?

The first-ever Crossover Event in Fortnite was the Infinity Gauntlet Limited-Time-Mode which featured characters from Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

The collaboration was released on May 8, 2018, and allowed players to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet and turn into Thanos mid-match.

The Infinity Gauntlet was also considered the very first Mythic Item in Fortnite.

What Was The First Collab to Add Cosmetics?

The first collab in Fortnite to add cosmetics to the Item Shop was the very first NFL crossover in Chapter 1: Season 6.

This collab included the following:

  • End Zone Skin
  • Spike Skin
  • Strong Guard Skin
  • Gridiron Skin
  • Juke Skin
  • Blitz Skin
  • Rush Skin
  • Interceptor Skin
  • Whistle Warrior Skin
  • Striped Soldier Skin
  • Upright Axe Harvesting Tool
  • Golden Pigskin Harvesting Tool
  • First Downer Harvesting Tool
  • Touchdown Glider
Fortnite NFL Crossover

Why Does Fortnite Have Many Crossovers?

Fortnite benefits from a constant stream of collaborations because it helps keep players engaged despite having a battle royale formula.

In battle royales, developers need to constantly change the map and characters to keep players interested in its content.

With collaborations, Fortnite is able to do this while using brands that players are already fans of.

Fortnite Naruto Collab

How Many Collabs Does Fortnite Have?

Fortnite currently has over 150 different collaborations. Many of them have been with either Marvel or DC Comics.

These collaborations include real-world celebrities, athletes, artists, brands, and even other video game characters.

How Many Collab Skins are in Fortnite?

There are currently over 200 collab skins in Fortnite that players can choose from. Not all of these skins are currently available, and some of them will never be in the store again.

The most popular collab in Fortnite was the Nexus War event that brought multiple cosmetics from Marvel to the Season 4 Battle Pass.

These include iconic Marvel characters like Thor, Storm, Tony Stark, and even Doctor Doom. This has been the only Season Collaboration that Fortnite has ever done.

What is The Best Collab Skin in Fortnite?

The best collab skins in Fortnite are the Dragon Ball Goku and Vegeta skins because they can alternate between four different skins with one emote.

These are all the collaborations that have ever been in Fortnite. Although not all of them will be in the Item Shop, players can expect a good amount to return at some point.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Goku Skin Bundle