Ubisoft E3 2018 – Assassins Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, The Crew 2 and more

Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Conference

With a huge range of titles expected as well as some unknown gems, the Ubisoft E3 2018 conference has a lot to deliver. The show lasted for around an hour and a half, but for those who may not have time to watch the whole show, here is a recap of all the titles and stunning games featured in today’s show.

Just Dance 2019

Ubisoft E3 2018, once again, started their show in spectacular fashion. Last year we saw a colourful and flamboyant dance featuring Bebe Rexha. This year was no different. It seems that a theme is to start the show by promoting Just Dance. With the latest title being Just dance 2019, another energetic feature performance really amped up the theatre and even those watching at home.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

The next game to be promoted took us into deep space with a stunning cinematic for Beyond Good and Evil 2. With accents of comedy, true to the series, a ferocious young Jade was teased on screen. Whilst also showcasing some other characters such as Pey’j the cook, Star Jade and Zhou. Set in the 24th century we were blessed with a first look at some pre-alpha gameplay footage, and boy was it impressive. The cityscape and multi-layer action adventure RPG seems overwhelming at first glance. But true gamers love the idea of a universe that seems to go on and on. Premiered live tonight is another stunning addition to the Beyond Good and Evil world, and this is by incorporating art, music and ideas through the Space Monkey Programme. Partnered with Hit Record, created by Joseph Gorden Levitt who came on to the stage to explain the process, songs, visual assets, or passionate gamer ideas, are allowed to contribute assets and content into the game. If you wish to join in the fun, head over to HitRecord

Rainbow Six Siege – eSports

Rainbow Six Siege is a huge title that has been played by 35 million gamers across the globe over the past 2 and a half years. A lot still playing daily as the game continues to grow every month. With a large range of maps and operators to access, this game caters to all play styles and skill levels. Rainbow 6 eSports, is another feature which will span over a 6 month period in 3 of the largest eSports events in the world. As all games take to the e-sport market to separate the good from the greatest, 6 Major Paris is the first true test starting in August 2018. The other two events will be held through the 6 months after, with 6 Pro League being held in November 2018 and 6 Invitational coming February 2019.

Trials: Rising

With a different shift in momentum at Ubisoft E3, bearded Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director at Ubisoft RedLynx, dressed as Evil Kenevil riding a stunt bike, rampaged into the theatre, confusing onlookers and destroying stage props. Of course, this is all to promote Trials, a game franchise which has been growing since 1999 and is now free this month as part of ps plus. Trials Rising is what was featured, taking players to new places, bigger jumps, larger gaps and intense races. Go to www.trialsgame.com to register for a BETA later this year.

Rising is coming February 2019 upon PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2.

A strain of a virus found on dollar bills spread across America. Surging its way through the nation, the country struggled to rebuild its way back to the once great and proud country. The Division 1 was a huge success and a perfect addition to the Tom Clancy series, with a heavy focus on Coop and online play between friends and foes around the world. We see a similar goal for The Division 2, with both good and evil trying to gain power, resources and preservation in this new tainted world. As part of this conference, we saw an emotional trailer which represents the marriage between soldiers and civilians, and the resulting choices. It is your mission to save those who are in the most need with yours and your friends help. This time around we will be exploring and focusing on Washington DC. As you progress through the game you will choose specialisations which allow you to unlock
exclusive abilities, weapons and advantages. By combining your character with others, a perfect balance will see your team strive on the streets of America.

Ubisoft E3 2018 The Division 2 Specialist

Another exciting piece of news for all gamers was the reveal of Raids coming into the Division 2. Huge missions and areas of exploration that breath and speak with the players that enter. But even more exciting is the announcement that this game will receive 3 large, extensive DLCs, which are totally free to all players. Let us hope that this is a sign of many game developers focussing more on the title itself and adding content to support the community rather than lock features and storylines behind the paid content.

Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure

The next game to be showcased throughout the Ubisoft E3 2018 show, cast the crowd to a remote jungle. The presentation was accompanied by vibrant lighting, stunning visuals and an ethereal live musical performance. What better way to tell a story than through the medium of music. This was all to promote the Ubisoft and Ubisoft Milan title Mario & Rabbids, Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure  DLC which will be out June 26th. The on-screen animation was really brought to life thanks to the musical phenomenon that went with it. Engaging battles, hilarious adventures and vast landscapes are just a few things we can expect from this game.

Skull & Bones

Many games have started to focus on naval battles, and for the most part been pleasantly
successful. From Assassins Creed: Black Flag, to Sea of Thieves, this is a genre that gamers have warmed to. The love for this may be due to the fact that mystery, legend and barbaric lore go hand in hand with the sea and ocean depths. This is why many are super excited for the enormous title of Skull & Bones. First announced at E2 2017, a game centred around piracy, it is your duty to pick a target, grow in infamy and become the true ruler of the sea. A dynamic world sees the weather, quests and environment constantly shift around you. Another live trailer, starts at the pirate’s hideout, allowing a glimpse of the in-game HUD, weapon systems, and detailed shores. It is evident from the gameplay shown, that sometimes the head on approach is not always necessary and sometimes a covert ambush or strategic assault is the best course of action to gain the loot and turn the seas red. But beware, that defence is just as important in this game of coordination, ruthless force, and sometimes larger numbers. Immersion is the true purpose of every game, and if you have ever wished to experience life as a pirate, then this is the game for you.


Elijah Wood, co-founder of Spectervision casually strolled onto the stage to start the Transference showcase. Spectervision is known for this incredible narratives and storytelling and Elijah Wood was there to discuss the upcoming psychological thriller transference. It is promised that after playing Transference your mind will still be processing the choices you made and trying to make sense of what you have experienced. With an eerie narrated trailer, an already uneasy sense of confusion filled the stage. This title is set to be released fall (autumn) 2018.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

This feature title from Ubisoft Montreal takes viewers and players alike to Atlas, a world 400 light years away. From world to world, uniting along the way, your goal is to end the onslaught and free the land with the help of Star Fox and his team. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is set to be out October 2018.

During the presentation the stage was graced by Yves Guillemot CEO and co-founder of Ubisoft, to welcome the game. In addition to this Nintendos legendary Mr Shigeru Miyamoto was gifted a model of Fox’s ship. This game will be coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch and will be a great addition for those who have loved the saga since its birth.

For Honor: Marching Fire

For Honor is a game which has established itself as a Ubisoft classic, and sees players fighting as a Samurai, Viking or Knight. The graphic close hand to hand combat has made this game an epically brutal yet realistic game. Players and gamers feel like they are the ones on the battleground, defending the forts, sieging a castle or slaying waves of intruders. 16th October 2018 is hte set date of release for Marching fire. In this DLC a civil war consumed China, amidst the fights, order has failed to be established. A brand new faction is coming seeing 4 new characters as part of the Wu Lin faction. A new mode was also teased, called breech coming with the new DLC.
Also at the time of writing, For Honor is free to play until June 18th for all PC players via Uplay.

The Crew 2

This is a game, which many players enjoyed throughout the closed, beta, The Crew 2. A game spanning the United States, players can speed across land, rid on the waves or fly through the air, all the way from LA, to New York. whether you wish to set speed recording in your hypercar or simply out-trick your friends online, The Crew 2 has it all. For those who cannot wait till June 29th 2018 for its release, or for some odd reason need more convincing to get this game, there is an Open Beta starting June 21st for all players.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins creed Odyssey is the most anticipated game for sure at Ubisoft E3 2018. A series that many live for. Set in ancient Greece, love and loss are the main theme throughout. Friendships will help you but it is the Gods who have placed you here. Crossing the mountains and the seas, the journey is up to you. Jonathan Dumont, creative director of Assassins Creed Odyssey entered the stage to discuss more details about the game. The game is set in an area where war wages between Sparta and Athens. Your main goal is to become the legendary hero that Greece needs. As we know, the Assassins Creed series, is renowned for its verticality, allowing players to traverse to new heights, raining down on enemies, or scouting out objectives and waypoints. But this is not all that is present in Assassins Creed Odyssey, for the first time ever in the series history the game will start with you choosing your character. Between Alexios or Kassandra, both share the bloodline with a legendary Spartan hero and bare his mysterious weapon, Leonidas’s Spear. The character you choose will also be who you play as throughout the whole game.

Ubisoft E3 2018 AC Odyssey ALexios

Ubisoft E3 2018 AC Odyssey Kassandra

Additional features and the new combat system were displayed in a beautifully cinematic trailer, showing the range, abilities and movements when welding Leonidas’s Spear. The biggest surprise of this show was the adaption and change to how stories are told. Gone are the days were a linear storyline plays out, now your choices and action have an impact. Multiple outcomes result and both how you save Greece and how your legacy will be told is up to you.

The Ubisoft E3 show was concluded with one of the most impressive gameplay demos to be shown. The sound of waves lapping the docks as bustling markets fill the background. We see Kassandra, ask questions to gain an advantage. A gentle stroll quickly turns into a fast-paced retreat out of the city perimeter to only be greeted by a deadly mercenary. As both Kassandra and the mercenary dismount their horses a true battle begins. Showcasing the fluid movement system and diverse combat mechanics and range, players will be able to battle in a way that is both familiar but also new and refreshing. As a final finishing blow is landed, we then are presented with a look at the extensive menu and inventory system. On first impressions, it feels like it has been evolved and adapted from the Assassins Creed Origins interface but demonstrates period decorative features to seamlessly fit with the era and world. As the gameplay continues, we further see a demonstration of the choices you as the player can make. This all helps you feel like the outcome and gameplay is totally created for you. As the show comes to an end we see Kassandra fight side by side with other Spartans in what feels like a re-imagined version of the great PS2 classic, Spartan Total Warrior. But of course, any Assassins Creed game would not be complete without some mythical beast or fear-mongering boss. We cannot speculate as to the scale of this game, but we do know that deep within a Labyrinth, the Minotaur awaits. Do you dare to discover him adn other hidden secrets on October 5th, 2018.

Ubisoft E3 2018 Full Show

Whatever style of game you wish to play, Ubisoft has every base covered. Truly a company for all gamers and there are many exciting titles coming later this year and throughout 2019. For those who wish to watch the Ubisoft E3 2018 conference in its entirety the whole show can be found here.


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