Nintendo E3 2018 – Super Smash Bros, Pokemon RPG & More (What To Expect)

Nintendo E3 2018 - Super Smash Bros, Pokemon RPG

With Nintendo’s E3 event less than 2 months away, speculation has already started about what the gaming giant has in store for fans. Nintendo are expected to have many surprises in store, in which will feature more information regarding Super Smash Bros Switch, Pokemon RPG and much more.

Presentation or Digital event?

If we look at the past, Nintendo usually does a on stage presentation every 4 years. They did an on stage Presentation in 2014, 2010, 2006, and so on. If this pattern continues Nintendo will be doing an on stage presentation for this year’s show. I believe Nintendo are planning to do another Spotlight. These digital events are the best way to do E3. On stage presentations tend to be boring.

Super Smash Bros

Nintendo will be hosting a Super Smash Bros invitational event at E3 2018. Unless there is a direct prior to the tournament, this will be the first gameplay we see of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch. I do expect a lot of the focus in Nintendo’s Presentation to be on Super Smash Bros. I suspect they will reveal the character roster, a story mode, and a new mode/feature that blows fans away. They will most certainly announce the release date, which I feel will be September 21st.

Pokémon Switch

This game is quite the mystery! As you may know, Game Freak like to reveal their games in their own Nintendo Directs. We may in fact see a Pokémon Nintendo Direct before E3. Either way, I have no doubt Pokémon will make a huge showing in Nintendo’s E3 event. I do think that the Pokémon Switch Release Date will be in 2018. After all, they are already localizing the game to English. Game localizations usually take place at the end of development, so this indicated that the game is near completion. I expect the exact release date to be announced at E3, which I think will be sometime in November.

Retro Studio’s next game

Retro studios has been developing an unannounced game for almost 5 years now. It would be a big let down if this unannounced game is another Donkey Kong Game. Nintendo of Italy did tease a 3rd Donkey Kong game on their Instagram account. The question is if Retro would be developing this game or another studio. For this discussion, we are going to assume a side studio is developing this Donkey Kong game. Previous rumors indicate that Retro Studios is developing a gritty horror game. Unfortunately these rumors have no validity to them. I am personally hoping for something God of War like. I do think we will see Retros new title at E3. As for a release date, this game has been in development for so long that it could very well come out this year. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s an early 2019 title though. I do think it will come out Next year.

Nintendo Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch Online service launches in September for 20 dollars and year. I feel like they will use Smash Bros to show off the service and show off all the features. Nintendo’s initial plans were to make all the online features locked to the Nintendo Switch Online app. Since the app was delayed a whole year, I feel like they took feedback seriously and revamped the whole service. I strongly believe that we will be able to do basic online features like Voice chat and messaging on the Nintendo Switch Itself. No app required. I do not think Nintendo will spend too much time talking about the Online Service, but it will be touched on with a release date. I think it will release a long side Super Smash bros on my predicted date of September 21st.

3rd Party Announcements

Last year there were only 2 3rd party titles in the Nintendo Spotlight, those titles being Rocket League and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I think there will be more 3rd party announcements at Nintendo’s E3. I suspect Fortnite will be announced for switch, and will be an out now title. It won’t be a focus of the presentation by any means, but it will certainly get people like me very excited. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be a bomb shell announcement at this presentation. I feel as if there will be a slight focus on this game. This game will most likely be a winter 2018 title.

You can tune into Nintendo’s E3 sometime between June 12-14.


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