RUMOR: Nintendo E3 2018 Games Leaked – Fortnite, Pokemon Let’s GO & More

Nintendo E3 2018 Games Leaked - Pokemon Let's GO & Fortnite

New information has appeared online in the form of leaked documents. These documents appear to apparently leak Nintendo E3 games. Some of them are pretty exciting announcements. Other information on the documents include games we already knew about, like Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo E3 2018

Nintendo E3 2018 Games Leaked

The document shown here shows the apparent order that the Nintendo E3 2018 will announce its new developments. Some of the more important games mentioned here include Fallout 3 Anniversary, Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu & Eevee and Fortnite.

2008 saw the release of Fallout 3. As such, it will be seeing its 10th birthday this year. Maybe the Nintendo team have something special up their sleeve for the game? Or maybe they’re just commemorating the 10th birthday by introducing the game to the Nintendo Switch? Either way, this is an exciting development that we are looking forward to.

As well as this, Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu & Eevee was leaked last week. However, the fact that the game titles are featured in this list only confirms that the information is true. The document claims we will see a trailer for the games. Also, as it appears to be on the list for E3, this may rule out having a Pokemon Direct solely for the game. However, we look forward to hearing about how the gameplay will work for the new Pokemon Switch game!

Potentially the biggest reveal on this list is what many people have been waiting for: Fortnite Switch. With Fortnite released on Xbox, PS4, PC and Mobile, it is clear that the next move for Epic Games is to create a Nintendo Switch-friendly version. In this way, Fortnite will be one of few games that crosses over all possible platforms. Anyone will be able to play Fortnite Рno matter what console / device they are using. This is very huge news as it is something that has been hinted at, and talked about but never confirmed.

Other Leaks

Nintendo E3 2018 Games Leaked

Although we already knew that Super Smash Bros had been announced, the leaked documents give us more information for what we can expect at Nintendo E3. This image shows that we can expect a character reveal. In addition to this, it shows that there will be a showcase of the gameplay mechanics for Nintendo Switch. This is exciting news as many fans are eager to see what the game will be like.

On the other hand, games such as Luigi’s Mansion will make an appearance at the Nintendo E3 booth. Luigi’s Mansion will display one hours worth of the initial game footage. Plus, it will show a part of the ‘new boss rush mode’. Furthermore, this suggests that the game will be getting an updated version that will be Switch compatible.

To clarify, these documents are not fully confirmed to be real. Until more information arises we cannot take this as definite. In fact, one of Gaming INTEL’s lead writers has followed up on this rumor:

IT WAS initially posted onto Reddit by the user Chiki-Chan and was largely called “laughably fake”. While the account on Reddit is three years old it mainly posts about anime, and doesn’t seem to have a history of leaking information. WE SHOULD BE HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS OF THIS RUMOR.

What do you think of the potential Nintendo E3 2018 line-up?


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