E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule – Times, Dates & Livestreams

E3 2018 Games, Times & Press Conference Schedule

Unsure where to watch your favourite companies showcase their latest works at the E3 2018 Press Conferences? Don’t worry, because here at Gaming INTEL, we have you covered. Below you’ll find all the E3 2018 Press Conference livestreams to watch all on one convenient page, so be sure to bookmark this one!

E3 2018 Games Confirmed So Far:

Nintendo: Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch (confirmed title TBA) — As per Nintendo tradition, there isn’t much known at this time. We’ll just have to tune into the E3 2018 Press Conferences to find out which of your favourite characters made the roster!

Square Enix: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) – Developed by Eidos Montréal & Crystal Dynamics — The previous game in this famous series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, was astoundingly critically acclaimed. We know some adjustments have been made to optimize that, but we’ve been assured it won’t venture too far from that same gameplay style. However, you never know what the E3 Press Conference will surprise you with!

Playstation: Ghost of Tsushima (PS4 exclusive) – Developed by Sucker Punch Productions — This is a third-person open-world game about the story of a samurai ghost who must defend Japan using his action-stealth tactics. Judging by the trailers we’ve seen, the story feels like we’ll be in for one emotional and action-packed ride.

Playstation:  Death Stranding (PS4 exclusive) – Designed by Hideo Kojima, and starring actors Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen — The trailers for this game have been extremely mysterious, confusing, and yet oddly memorising all at the same time. First announced during the 2016 E3 Press Conference, everyone is starving for some more light to shed on this game. The 2018 E3 Press Conference is the time to shine.

Playstation: Spider-Man (PS4 exclusive) – Developed by Insomniac Games — It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Spider-Man game on the Playstation, and this one looks like it’s going above and beyond what anyone could have anticipated. Combining the best parts of the Batman Arkham series, and adding in web slinging and Spidey quips? Yes please!

Playstation: The Last of Us: Part II (PS4 exclusive) – Developed by Naughty Dog — This sequel takes place many years after first game. If you haven’t seen the first trailer, we recommend you check that out because that will be enough to get you to crave more.

Playstation: Black Ops 4 (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) – Developed by Treyarch — Although we just had some reveals and trailers come out, the Black Ops series has always been a staple to the Playstation E3 Press Conferences. We expect to get some more fresh news on this latest edition to the series.

EA: Anthem (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) – Developed by BioWare — This is an action role-playing multiplayer that looks absolutely amazing! It’s an open world game that involves mechanized suits that give you super powers. We can’t wait to see more of this!

EA: Battlefield V (XBOX ONE, PC, PS4 & BOX ONE X) – Developed by DICE — We’re all itching for the 2018 E3 Press Conference to find out what Battlefield V has in store for us.

EA: Madden 19 (TBA) – Developed by EA Sports — Always a hit; Madden always finds ways to improve, surprise, and impress players with each game.

EA: Fifa 19 (TBA) – Developed by EA Sports — Just as Madden, Fifa never seems to fail with the critics.

Ubisoft: The Division 2 (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) — Not much is currently known at this time about this sequel to the extremely well received first game. Be sure to tune into the 2018 E3 Press Conference to get all those juicy details!

Ubisoft: For Honor (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) — Currently all that is known is that For Honor will have “a major presence” the 2018 E3 Press Conference, which is very intriguing to say the least.

Ubisoft: Beyond Good and Evil 2 (TBA) — An open world action-adventure game. This sequel will have more of a role-playing style to it than its predecessor, allowing players to gain attributes and progress up a social chain. You even eventually get a spacecraft that takes you into, you guessed it, space! To infinity and beyond? Tune into E3 to find out.

Ubisoft: Skull and Bones (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) – Developed by Ubisoft Singapore — An open world tactical action pirate game. There is the option for single a player campaign or up to 5 players to meet up on the open seas to either join forces or do battle.

Devolver Digital: Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass (PC) – Developed by Croteam — One man still stands alone against extraterrestrial invaders, but by the looks of the teasers so far, he might be a little more serious about it this time.

Bethesda: Rage 2 (XBOX ONE, PC & PS4) – Developed by Avalanche Studios — A post-apocalyptic open world first-person shooter. Right now, not much is currently known about the game, so we’ll have to wait for the 2018 E3 Press Conference livestream to find out more.

Fortnite (XBOX ONE, PC, PS4, iOS & Mac) – Developed by Epic Games. — “The ultimate Fortnite Party Royale, pairing some of the world’s greatest athletes and entertainers with top Fortnite Battle Royale players from across the globe. Teams will clash in the premier Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am”

Please Note: The games listed above are only ones confirmed so far, there are many more still to come!

E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule
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E3 2018 Press Conference Livestreams


TIME: 09:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 12:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 17:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Tuesday, June 12th


TIME: 18:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 21:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 02:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Monday, June 11th (LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK) | Tuesday, June 12th (LONDON)


TIME: 13:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 16:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 21:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Sunday, June 10th


TIME: 11:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 14:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 19:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Saturday, June 9th

Square Enix

TIME: 10:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 13:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 18:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Monday, June 11th


TIME: 13:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 16:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 21:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Monday, June 11th

Devolver Digital

TIME: 20:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 23:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 04:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Sunday, June 10th (LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK) | Monday, June 11th (LONDON)


TIME: 18:30 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 21:30 EDT (NEW YORK) | 02:30 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Sunday, June 10th (LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK) | Monday, June 11th (LONDON)

PC Gaming Show

TIME: 15:00 PDT (LOS ANGELES) | 18:00 EDT (NEW YORK) | 23:00 BST (LONDON)

DATE: Monday, June 11th


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