E3 2018 Floor Plans Show Epic Games Will Have Their Own Booth

E3 2018 Floor Plans Show Epic Games Will Have Their Own Booth

Floor plans have just been released that show that there will be an Epic Games Booth at E3 2018. The popular gaming convention is only five weeks away. New information is constantly being released hinting at what we can expect to see once E3 2018 kicks off on the 12th June.

Epic Games Booth

The Epic Games Booth will be situated in the South Hall. It will be on the far right hand side next to the Capcom booth. Usually, E3 booths have new games or features that attendees can interact with. What will the Epic Games Booth have? Could they unveil a new game? Or will it be a beta version of new items / game modes for Fortnite?

However, with the huge success of Fortnite, it would be silly to think that the game wouldn’t feature at E3. As we’ve posted before, there are rumours that there will be a Fortnite Switch reveal. Could this be a part of Epic Games’ Booth? On the other hand, is there a chance that they will leave that to the Nintendo Switch booth?

Other Floor Plans

In addition to Epic Games, attendees will find many other big names at E3. The newly released floor plans show that Activision, Twitch and Ubisoft will share the South Hall with Epic Games, amongst others.

The West Hall will primarily be occupied by Nintendo and Sony. Both these companies will have multiple booths on this floor – so we should probably expect some very big things from them.

Across the road, the Microsoft Theater will be home to official E3 events such as the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing. The theater will allow attendees to experience all that Xbox has coming up in one place. Also, the size of the theater will see more fans involved than ever before.

Are you attending E3 2018? What booth are you most looking forward to? Most importantly, what do you think the Epic Games Booth will hold?

E3 2018 will take place during June 12 – June 14, 2018.


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