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Even DrDisrespect Is Reverse Boosting to Enjoy Black Ops Cold War

Reverse boosting is on a serious rise in Black Ops Cold War, and even major streamers like DrDisrespect are in on the action.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta is in full swing, and players have real issues with it. Users are complaining about a range of problems, but there’s one that truly stands out as a major issue.

Despite the visual bugs, over-powered SMGs, and increased TTK, there’s one issue that Cold War players can’t stand. Now, even DrDisrespect is taking a stand against SBMM.

What is SBMM in Black Ops Cold War?

SBMM stands for Skill-Based Matchmaking and it’s been a hot topic of debate in the Call of Duty community. The basic idea of the feature is that it partners up players with others of their skill level.

Cold War Shooting
(Source: Treyarch)

The general consensus is that SBMM is a good idea, but it’s been poorly implemented. As it stands, those who play a lot of Call of Duty are now unable to properly enjoy the game.

If you’re a better-than-average Cold War player, you may find yourself going against a veteran lobby. To keep up, you’ll need to use only the top-tier loadouts, and adjust your playstyle accordingly.

It’s a less fun experience, and although SBMM has been part of CoD for years, the system seems stricter than ever at present. Now, players are taking countermeasures to help them enjoy themselves more.

SBMM Vs Reverse Boosting

To counteract the powerful SBMM system, players are reverse boosting. This helps trick the game into thinking you’re less skilled than you actually are.

Black Ops Cold War Frank Woods
(Source: Treyarch)

Reverse boosting in Cold War is the process of losing matches in order to lower your overall ranking. The game then detects that you’re in too high an SBMM bracket, and pits you against easier players.

Here, you can enjoy yourself more, as it’s possible to rack up kills easily once again. That said, it’s certain to have a negative impact on other players’ experiences.

Users on Reddit are responding negatively to the players who are intentionally lowering their own ranks. However, the Black Ops Cold War fans probably believe their actions to be justified when they see major internet personalities encouraging the process.

Now, it seems that even popular streamer DrDisrespect is using reverse boosting to his advantage, live on stream.

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DrDisrespect is Reverse Boosting on Black Ops Cold War

Beginning a recent stream of the Black Ops Cold War Beta, DrDisrespect chose not to fire on incoming players. Instead, aiming at them whilst making gunshot noises, the streamer began tanking his kill/death ratio.

When asked why he was throwing the matches, DrDisrespect explained:

“The reason why I’m tanking the first three games I play on the Cold War Beta… Because everyone’s talking about SBMM!”

The streamer goes on to say that losing the first three games in this way will help them enjoy the rest of their session. If there’s any truth to this claim, then Cold War certainly has a problem.

Strangely, Reddit users don’t have as much issue with the major streamer’s actions as they do with their own teammates. Instead, commenters call on Treyarch to fix SBMM, as well as keeping lobbies together after matches.

Since the release of the Beta, Treyarch is getting a lot of complaints about the changes to Cold War. Another major issue is that Black Ops Cold War has increased TTK and players aren’t happy.

What’s especially interesting is that earlier claims indicated that Black Ops Cold War won’t allow reverse boosting on release. Now, the issue is running rampant, and the developer will need to make big changes to prevent it in the future.

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