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Epic Warzone Showdown – Juggernaut vs Riot Shield

In a new epic Warzone showdown, one player faces off against a Juggernaut in one-on-one combat, armed only with a riot shield.

When you’re facing off against Warzone’s new Juggernauts, it’s hard to hold your own. The random perk drops around the game’s battlefield and serves to make you an unstoppable force in the battle royale.

Given the Juggernaut’s heavy armor padding, it takes some real time to take the user down. Partner that with the giant minigun pointing in your direction and you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

Juggernaut vs Riot Shield
(Source: Activision)

But as one player discovers, there is one sure-fire way to even the odds against a Juggernaut user. Using an immovable object (A.K.A. the game’s infamous Riot Shield), the Juggernaut finally meets his match in an epic battle.

Juggernaut vs Riot Shield

In a clip posted to Reddit, user ssamshire shows their epic battle against a Warzone Juggernaut. Although that fight would end with a Riot Shield/Juggernaut face-off, it seems the tactic was something of a last resort.

First, the player attempts to run down the Juggernaut in their Cargo Truck. After several glancing hits, it’s clear that this isn’t enough to do the trick.

Next, ssamshire retreats a small distance before calling in artillery on the target’s location. Again, the powerful Juggernaut survives the bombardment.

Realizing that it’s time for a last-ditch effort, the user pulls out their Riot Shield and goes to war. Remarkably, the Riot Shield holds up, even against the full force of a Juggernaut minigun.

The indestructible shield protects its user from incoming fire, and ssamshire begins the slow process of beating the Juggernaut down. Despite their best efforts, the Juggernaut isn’t able to get around the large protective barrier.

In the end, the minigun-wielding tank begins to run away, only be to be chased and brought down by a few more shield bashes.

Is a Riot Shield the Ultimate Juggernaut Counter?

Commenters on Reddit congratulated the user for their efforts. According to many players, they might dislike Riot Shields but they hate Juggernauts more.

Another account points out that the Juggernaut should have simply just kept shooting. While facing off against a vehicle, the minigun could have quickly blown the Cargo Truck to pieces.

It’s hard to tell if a Riot Shield is indeed a counter to the mighty Juggernaut, but it certainly worked out in this case.

Not surprisingly, Warzone Players Call for Juggernauts to be Removed.

In other recent battle royale news, players rejoice as Bounty Contracts are finally back in Warzone. The feature has been missing in action for the last week, due to a game-breaking bug.

We’re also seeing reports that new content could be right around the corner. In fact, leaks suggest that a new Warzone map for Cold War could be coming soon.

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