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Epic Games Announce Huge $20 Million Prize Pool For FNCS

After a lot of pressure from professional players, Fortnite has unveiled the FNCS prize pool.

Epic Games have had a history of skimping out on their Esports tournaments, much to the dismay of players. It's a shame, as their latest in-game content has been brilliant.

The Predator challenges have been keeping players busy, and a new leak implies weapon mods could be coming soon.

Pro gamers and viewers alike were skeptical of Fortnite's Esports practices in the past. Many previous tournaments saw very little in the way of prizes, with some tournaments even having such meager rewards as Twitter shoutouts and exclusive skins.

Fortnite FNCS Axe of Champions
FNCS' Axe of Champions

While these skins are rare, they really aren't the prizes that make it worth competing in such huge tournaments. Especially when compared to other Esports leagues, which carry prize pools of insane proportions.

Epic Games did offer a substantial sum of money to Fortnite leagues, but the money was divided between PC, console, and mobile platforms. This practice was heavily criticized by players and fans, and Epic Games have been accused of skimping on professional players.

Fortnite Champion Series' Huge Winners Payout

In a move that is likely to remedy Fortnite's cheap tactics, Epic Games has offered a whopping $20 million in prizes for the latest Fortnite Champion Series league. This is an improvement over 2020's league by $2 million.

This massive announcement came with another fan-pleasing reveal. FNCS in 2021 will unify all of Fortnite's platforms under one bracket, allowing for console and mobile players to compete with those on PC.

Fortnite Champion Series, FNCS
Fortnite Champion Series - The FNCS

This is big news not only for competitive Fortnite but also for wider Esports. Usually, professional players will default to PC as their main hardware, but with this change in FNCS, and finally, console players will be able to prove their mettle and might.

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Platform division has been a big problem for competitive Fortnite in the past. Many complained that the prize pool, which offered an equal sum as payout to players both on console and PC.

This is due to all of the Fortnite professionals gravitating towards PC. Now console players have a chance to prove they're not to be underestimated.

FNCS' Prize Pool Division

Epic Games have announced how this prize pool will be divided by region, too. In their blog post detailing the new changes to the operations of FNCS, they have revealed that there will be four seasons in 2021, and each will have a $3 million prize pool.

On top of this, there will be $12 million in prizes for the tournament across the whole year. The seasonal prize money will be divided by region, with its biggest prize pool being offered to European professionals.

Fortnite Season 5
Fortnite Season 5

Every season, Europe will see $1,350,000 in prize money, and North America will receive $690,000 to award its players. The Oceania region will receive the least in prize money, with only $90,000.

Epic Games also have plans for mid and end-of-year competitions, bringing together the top-performing players of each region to compete for an additional $8 million in prizes.

After a very long time of skepticism from FNCS fans, Epic Games seem to finally be giving Esports players the rewards they deserve.

It's a great time to see Fortnite's competitive gaming scene back in action. Some big leaks have seen that some fan-favorite vehicles could be returning soon, plus a new Lara Croft skin seems to be on the way.

There's also been a leaked look at a new Kevin the Cube skin.

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