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Entamaphobia Trophy Guide – Die Maschine Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Trophies and Achievements in Call of Duty zombies have always been a test of skill. This trophy will definitely put your skills to the test in your quest to achieve it.

This article will show you how to earn the Entamaphobia trophy in Die Maschine for Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

How To Earn Entamaphobia Trophy

Entamaphobia trophy for Black Ops Cold War on PS4
Entamaphobia Trophy

Entamaphobia is a silver trophy on Playstation and a 30 Gamerscore Achievement on Xbox.

This requires the player to survive 15 rounds in the Yard. You cannot open any doors. or leave this area or you will forfeit getting this trophy.

The Yard is the very first area your spawn in when playing Die Maschine.

You must surpass round 15 and make it round 16 in order for this trophy/achievement to unlock.


The Yard is a wide open area of the map, however, you still need to plan ahead when attempting to earn this trophy.

The first thing you need to know is that there is a Crafting Table and ammo crate in the Yard.

You will never run out of ammo which is a plus, and you will be able to craft scorestreaks, lethal, and tactical equipment at the Crafting Table using salvage to give you the extra edge in your game.

For equipment, I recommend using stimshots. You won't have access to the Arsenal to upgrade armor, so you'll need to have full health at all times when hording zombies in the yard.

The main scorestreak I recommend using is the Combat Bow. This weapon deals a ton of damage against the Megaton, so it's a no-brainer.

Speaking of the Megaton, he will spawn in the map at round 15, so be prepared.

When choosing a Field Upgrade to bring with you into the game, Aether Shroud or Ring of Fire is going to be your best bet.

Aether Shroud will be there for you if you need to get out of a tight situation and Ring of Fire can boost your damage output when taking down any type of enemy.

Other than that, you have to rely on your loadout weapon and any randomized drop you can pick up from killed enemies.

1. Stoner 63 Strategy

Stoner 63 LMG on Die Maschine Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Stoner 63 on Die Maschine

The first strategy that can be effective is using the Stoner 63. This LMG is a powerful asset to have in your game.

It has a good damage output and rate of fire so you will be able to take down zombies and plague hounds easier than other weapons.

Considering you cannot upgrade your weapon's rarity at the Arsenal, the Stoner 63 will serve you well.

2. Gallo SA12 Strategy

Gallo SA12 Shotgun on Die Maschine Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Gallo SA12 on Die Maschine

It feels like the Gallo SA12 is mentioned every time someone talks about Black Ops Cold War Zombies, but this weapon is so good that you can't not talk about it!

The Gallo SA12 is a powerful shotgun that does excellent damage against all types of enemies.

However, you will be using the loadout variant of the Gallo SA12, so it might not be as efficient as you might be used to.

This is why I recommended using the Combat Bow earlier. Yes, the Gallo SA12 is powerful, but you're going to want to use your loadout weapon for crowd control more than anything else.


This trophy might sound difficult at first, but when you organize your weaponry for the task, you'll be able to earn it in no time!

Good luck everyone!

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