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Empty PS5 Boxes Will No Longer Be Sold on eBay

Online marketplace eBay is making changes to ensure that no more empty PS5 boxes are being sold.

Shortly after launch, we discovered that some malicious online sellers were listing empty PS5 boxes to trick buyers. To those who didn’t look too closely, the item would look like an unopened next-gen console.

Of course, only when receiving the product would buyers realize that there was no PS5 inside the box.

This became a popular trick on eBay, with scammers aiming to trick users out of their hard-earned cash. And although millions of PS5 consoles are coming soon, demand is so high right now that’s working.

empty box ps5 ebay
(Source: eBay)

So far, multiple empty PS5 boxes have sold on eBay for over $1000 apiece. However, eBay claims that these listings were never actually paid for.

Now eBay is taking measures to ensure that empty PS5 boxes will no longer be selling on the platform.

Is Buying a PS5 on eBay Safe?

In a new statement to Video Games Chronicle, eBay confirms that it’s taking action against fraud by targetting empty PS5 box sellers.

Although the PS5 box sellers can argue that they were never committing fraud, it appears eBay doesn’t agree. Going forward, the platform is taking a stand against this popular misdirection.

“We have been taking action to remove fraudulent listings from our marketplace,” eBay said. “For any purchase, but especially highly-priced or in-demand items, we recommend that buyers exercise caution and thoroughly read the listing description.”

What’s more, buyers who may have already bought the PS5 box may be reimbursed for their issues.

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So long as the transaction took place on eBay itself, buyers are entitled to a Money Back Guarantee, should they receive an item that is not as described.

Now, eBay users should have less to worry about when shopping for their next-gen console. However, PS5 scalpers are still selling devices for outrageous prices.

You’d be better off looking at today’s PS5 restock when it comes to buying your new hardware.

Take a look at our advanced PS5 stock trackers and you’ll spot new drops as and when they become available:

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