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Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 – Predictions, Rumors, and More

Xbox’s Elite Series 2 Controller is still popular, but could an Elite Series 3 be on the way soon?

The Xbox Elite Series of controllers may be pricy, but they’re certainly good value for money. Both the Series 1 and 2 controllers made the already-great Xbox controller even better.

It makes sense that, at some point, Microsoft will release an Elite Series 3. But when will we see the next iteration of the Elite Controller?

We’re going to round-up current leaks and rumors, as well as our predictions for the Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller.

Xbox Elite Series 3 – What Is The Release Date?

Currently, there’s no official news on the Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller release date. However, we can make an estimated guess.

While some people may believe an Elite Series 3 announcement may come soon, due to frequent price drops, this isn’t a sure sign of a new Elite controller.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Image

The Elite Series 1 was released back in October 2015, with the Series 2 being released in November 2019. It would make sense to expect the Elite Series 3 to release around October – November 2023.

That being said, the Xbox Elite Series 2 made some huge improvements on the Series 1. That may mean they want to push the Elite Series 2 for a few more years, pushing back that 2023 release window.

Xbox Elite Series 3 Specs and Features – What to Expect

There’s no official announcement on the features and specs of the Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller yet, so it’s hard to know what to expect.

The Elite Series 3 would likely add in a share button, to match that of the Series X|S Controllers.

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And due to rising concern of stick drift issues in the gaming communities, higher quality analog sticks may be added to combat this.

Xbox Series X Amazon

There’s also a high chance that they’ll upgrade the grips for the controller to help with performance. And hopefully, they’ll release some more colors for the Elite Series 3.

Xbox Elite Series 2 – Is There A White Series 2 Coming?

While it’s exciting to think about the Elite Series 3, could Microsoft be working on a white Elite Series 2 controller soon?

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is currently only available in Black. But it seems a White model is in the works.

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A tweet by user @IdleSloth84 on Twitter shows a clear image of Xbox Elite Series 2 boxes, with the black model replaced by a white and black model.

What does this mean for the Elite Series 3? Well, it could mean that Xbox simply wants to keep pushing the Elite Series 2 for longer, with more support and newer color schemes.

The Elite Series 2 is only two years old, so it makes sense that Xbox would still support the controller due to its success.

That’s all the information for the Elite Series 3 that we have currently! If you’re still hoping to get your hands on a new Xbox, keep an eye on our Series X restock articles!

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