Brace yourselves for Super Mario: Wonder, where our beloved plumber can now transform into an elephant. Yes, you read that right.

Forget logic and common sense—this announcement has left the internet in fits of laughter and disbelief.

Mario may have played with animal powers before, but this time he’s ditched the suits for a full-on metamorphosis. This plump hero will undoubtedly go down as a fan favorite and as an all-time Super Mario power-up.

Elephant Mario Coming in Super Mario: Wonder

In a delightful surprise that had fans holding their breath until the final moments of the much-anticipated June 21 Nintendo Direct, the enchanting Elephant Mario gracefully bounded onto the screen.

Nintendo, who was clearly saving the best for last, delivered an unforgettable reveal that left gamers in stitches.

The unveiling of Elephant Mario was nothing short of a whimsical spectacle, catching everyone off guard with its sheer brilliance.

Super Mario fans will get a chance to control this phenomenal creation when Super Mario Wonder releases on October 20, 2023.

The gaming world reacted quickly to this spherical hero, and it has gone down exceptionally well. His reveal sparked reactions, memes, and art.

This Twitter user shared their excitement calling Elephant Mario “Him.”

Meanwhile, this gamer believes this is the peak of gaming fiction.

Others took their excitement to the drawing board, creating art based on Elephant Mario.

This mammal-man hybrid also drew comparisons to other fictional characters such as Peter Griffin.

However, not everyone appears to be a fan of the design.

Elephant Mario is one of the wackiest things Nintendo has created. As you can see above, it is clear why this Mario has instantly become an internet sensation.

He is simply majestic, wonderful and beautiful.