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Elden Ring’s OpenCritic Score Labels It the Best Game of All Time

Critic aggregator OpenCritic now holds Elden Ring as the highest-rated game of all time. This means it beats Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild.

Elden Ring has seen critical acclaim, with the critics scoring it overwhelmingly high. It seems FromSoftware has struck gold with Elden Ring.

While players don’t know everything about Elden Ring’s map yet, we have a great idea of how hyped this title is.

Fans have been given both an Elden Ring overview trailer and an Elden Ring launch trailer, before the great reviews even hit.

Elden Ring Throne Room

Elden Ring is The Top Rated Game of All Time on OpenCritic

Elden Ring’s success isn’t falling short, with OpenCritic’s table of all games putting Elden Ring firmly at the top.

At the time of writing, OpenCritic holds Elden Ring at a score of 97 critic average. This is aggregated over 97 critic reviews.

The last game which held the top spot was Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo’s mascot scored 97 too, but fewer critics recommended it.

This is compared to FromSoftware’s last title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which still scored an average of 90. But Elden Ring’s acclaim seems to be unmatched.

While it seems that FromSoftware typically receives high scores for their games, the hype surrounding Elden Ring is at an all-time high.

Elden Ring Hero stands before the tree

Unfortunately, Elden Ring could still be knocked from the top spot. Most critics would have posted their scores by now, but OpenCritic may have a delay in receiving some sites’ scores.

Despite this, fans should be ecstatic that Elden Ring seems to be matching their hopes. Now, we just need to wait until February 25.

However, if you can’t wait until the launch day, it’s possible to get early access to Elden Ring.

You can also prepare for The Lands Between with our guide on the best starting class in Elden Ring.

If you were waiting for the critics’ scores before pre-ordering, we can help with which Elden Ring edition to go for.

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Tuesday 29th of March 2022

Sync issues and no effort to tie anything in the game together via any type of tracking for quests aside, its a great game no doubt. I hope they can fix the sync issues as that will kill the game for me if they don't. The reported fixes must be situational as they don't seem to work on my computer at all.