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Elden Ring’s “Let Me Solo Her” Reveals Build & Addresses Community

Elden Ring’s most famous Jarnished, Let Me Solo Her, has taken to Reddit to reveal his build and share a few words with the community.

If you’ve been following Elden Ring on any social media or Reddit, you’ve probably heard of Let Me Solo Her.

He is a hero that wears nothing but a jar on his head and has been helping many Tarnished fight arguably the most difficult Elden Ring boss, Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

Fans have even begun to create Fan Art and 3D Art of Let Me Solo Her.

And now, he’s finally taken to Reddit to address the Elden Ring community himself.

Elden Ring Let Me Solo Her fan art

“Let Me Solo Her” and His Message to the Elden Ring Community

Let Me Solo Her revealed his build consists of a dual wield katana combo: a Cold Uchigatana and Rivers of Blood.

Here are Let Me Solo Her’s Weapons:

Many players have wondered just what sort of build Let Me Solo Her has been using. It takes something special to take down Malenia, Blade of Miquella, repeatedly.

His current level is 179, and he isn’t looking to level up anytime soon.

Elden Ring Malenia

Unfortunately, let Me Solo Her also mentions that he does not have a Twitch or Tik Tok account. So if you do see one, then it is probably an impersonator.

Let Me Solo Her is now a part of Elden Ring history. A legendary player that sought only to help others and expected little in return.

You can read his full Reddit post here!

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