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Elden Ring’s Four Belfries: How to Access, Where They Lead

The Lands Between is filled with secret locations, accessible only through portals like those atop a hill in Liurnia. Here’s how you can find and access the Elden Ring Four Belfries waygates, and where they’ll take you.

FromSoftware doubled down on surprise player relocations in Elden Ring, perhaps in an effort to introduce gamers to every region of the world early on.

If you’re not getting knocked out and teleported by a sinister treasure chest, you’re voluntarily stepping through a Sending Gate and being transported somewhere new.

However, the most significant of all Sending Gates in Elden Ring are actually entirely missable. Here’s where you can find the Four Belfries, and what you can expect if you journey through each tower’s portal.


Where to Find Elden Ring’s Four Belfries

Once you’ve tackled the games starting area of Limgrave and successfully slain both Margit and Godrick, you’ll gain access to Liurnia of the Lakes.

That is unless you use this method to skip Stormveil Castle entirely, leading you to the Lake without the first Great Rune!

Head west out of the water and you’ll find a dense area of woodland patrolled by headless Troll Spirits. Continue up the hill, killing the Troll Spirits if necessary.

It’s best to at least defeat the last one as it may interfere with your next steps.

Whilst you’re around this part of the map, find this unique shield nearby that can boost your attack power!

Liurnia of the Lakes Elden Ring(1)

Once you’re at the summit, four large towers stand before you. These are the Belfries, and three of them hold a Sending Gate portal.

Let’s not overlook the fourth Belfry, however, as this is just as important. Here’s why:

Imbued Sword Keys

The fourth Belfry forgoes a portal in favor of a chest. But, this is no trap chest. This box contains an Imbued Sword Key, a type of Swordstone Key enchanted with mysterious magic.

These Imbued Keys are the only way to access each Belfry portal, as they’re locked by default. The first key is an easy find to set you on your way, and here’s where you can find the remaining two keys:

  • Raya Lucaria Academy Rooftops: On the eastern side, lootable from a corpse.
  • Sellia, Town of Sorcery: In the heart of Caelid, locked behind a magical seal. Light the braziers around town to break the seal and loot the key.

Once you have all three Imbued Sword Keys, return to the Four Belfries and approach each portal. Before inserting each key, take note of the messages on the floor glowing brighter than the rest.

These are left by FromSoftware giving you a cryptic hint at where each portal will send you. Read on to decipher each clue.

Elden Ring Imbued Keys
Map Genie, FromSoftware

The First Belfry: “Crumbling Lands”

Perhaps the most intriguing location in the game, Belfry portal number one leads you to Crumbling Farum Azula.

The area you arrive in is not accessible when you head there during the late game, so be sure to check it out. Once you reach this decrepit site, you’ll notice immediately how hostile it is.

Be aware that you’ll need to do some platforming, and battle some enemies whilst you’re at it. Therefore, try to keep yourself lightweight and agile.

Keep descending across the floating rubble and you’ll find a corpse holding onto the Pearldrake Talisman. This item boosts your Tarnished’s non-physical damage negation!

If you’re wondering how to access the full Crumbling Farum Azula region, check out our guide on how to reach this advanced area, but beware of spoilers!

Crumbling Farum Azula

The Second Belfry: “Precipice of Anticipation”

Belfry portal two leads you back to an area that you’ve already been to, even if you may not remember. The last time you were here, you were being crushed like the noob that you were.

In typical FromSoftware fashion, you’re introduced to the game with a trial by fire, but now you’re ready for revenge. That’s right, this Belfry leads to the Chapel of Anticipation, otherwise known as “Elden Ring’s starting area.”

The Grafted Scion that slaughtered you without remorse is still here, and it’s ready for round two. Now you’re stronger and wiser, you can defeat it and claim the loot that it holds:

The Golden Beast Crest Shield and the Ornamental Straight Sword drop from the Scion, but make sure you also loot the Stormhawk King Ashes and Stormhawk Deenh Ashes.

The former is a key item for Nepheli Loux’s questline, so follow our guide to finish off her objectives.

In fact, the Chapel of Anticipation is a crucial location for a few reasons. White Mask Varre’s quest brings you here, during which you can obtain an item to give you unlimited multiplayer invasions!

Elden Ring Grafted Scion

The Third Belfry: “Night Sky Unceasing”

The third and final Belfry portal takes you to a location that is accessible fairly early in Elden Ring’s main story, but this time you’ll be in a secret area!

Nokron, Eternal City permanently rests beneath the stars, leading to many messages praising the beauty of the mystical area. But, don’t spend too long admiring the view.

There’s a significant enemy to take down in this area: A Lesser Crucible Knights. Here’s our guide to killing a boss version, so go and get some practice in first.

Once you’re free to explore safely again, grab the Mottled Necklace. This jewelry is actually a Talisman, boosting your Robustness, Immunity & Focus.

Not sure how to access Nokron, Eternal City? Here’s the answer, in our guide explaining everything you need to do!

Nokron is also key to one of Elden Ring’s biggest quests. Follow our guide to complete Ranni the Witch’s epic adventure, with ending-altering capabilities!

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