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Elden Ring: Why You Should Pick Wretch As Your Starting Class

Elden Ring’s Wretch may seem like a challenging prospect, but it could be the perfect starting class for you.

FromSoftware’s open-world RPG offers a range of starting classes. Elden Ring’s customization is dense, offering many stats for players to build towards. There’s also a lot of equipment like armor to find in The Lands Between.

When picking the perfect starting class for you in Elden Ring, the Wretch may seem like an odd choice. Said to be the most challenging class in the game, the Wretch may be too difficult for players in Elden Ring.

However, if you want to experience Elden Ring to its fullest, the Wretch is likely the best class for you. Here’s why:

Why The Wretch Is Elden Ring’s Best Class

The Wretch is the perfect starting class in Elden Ring due to its high customization and additional challenge, especially for veterans of the Souls series.

Despite offering no initial equipment besides a club weapon and your choice of Keepsake, Elden Ring’s toughest class is the most fun for any player.

Elden Ring Wretch

You Like a Challenge

The Wretch is great for those who love the Souls franchise from FromSoftware. It’s also perfect for those who want to be challenged in their games.

Due to a lack of starting equipment, as well as starting at level one with basic stats, the Wretch is made to be the hard choice.

If you find yourself typically bumping up the difficulty to the hardest on most games, the Wretch may be your best bet.

Elden Ring Cave

You Want Full Customization

The Wretch’s lack of stats is also the best benefit it has. Thanks to the fact it starts with every stat at 10, you can adjust the Wretch perfectly to your playstyle.

If you find yourself leaning on agility and quick attacks, you can build the Wretch class that way. Or if you find that you prefer magic, you can pivot to that build.

If you want to have the full experience of Elden Ring’s customization options, choosing the Wretch is essential.

You Want The Purest RPG Experience

Starting with nothing and becoming powerful is one of the best feelings in any game, let alone RPGs. Beginning a game with the most customizable class, as well as the hardest, is the truest RPG experience.

Whereas the other classes are set a certain build to allow players to easily get involved in the game, the Wretch is the prime role-playing candidate.

If you’re one to be involved with the world, the characters, and playing in your own way, you should pick the Wretch.

You’ve Played As The Other Classes

If nothing else seems to suit your style, or if you’ve completed Elden Ring as the other classes, it makes sense to play the Wretch.

You’ve seen everything that The Lands Between has to offer. The only thing left, is to play as the other classes? Then make the Wretch your next playthrough. You may end up loving it!

Elden Ring Magic

Elden Ring‘s difficulty may seem daunting, but playing Elden Ring with friends online is your best bet. And if you’re struggling with enemy players, find out how to turn invasions off in Elden Ring.

However, if you’re just starting your first run, find out what the best Keepsake in Elden Ring is.

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