If you’re wondering why your character’s eyes are suddenly red or gold in Elden Ring, there’s a simple explanation behind the change.

Elden Ring is a game with more than its fair share of discoveries to uncover. In fact, the experience even hides its tutorial section from those unwilling to drop down a pit at the start of the game!

And when you’re finally exploring the Lands Between, things don’t get any more obvious. That’s why we’ve got a guide to make sure you don’t miss the best discoveries in Limgrave, early on.

Elden Ring Yellow Eyes

But there are a few more aspects of FromSoftware’s latest release that are still being figured out by the game’s community. And a lot of players are wondering why they suddenly have red or yellow/gold eyes in Elden Ring.

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Why Does My Character Have Red Eyes in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring players get red eyes after becoming a Knight of Mohg and receiving the Bloody Finger from White-Faced Varre at Rose Church.

If you want to get red eyes, simply head to Rose Church and complete Varre’s questline.

Here’s a complete guide to getting the Bloody Finger (and red eyes) in Elden Ring to invade an unlimited number of times.

How to Get the Bloody Finger Elden Ring Guide

Why Does My Character Have Gold Eyes in Elden Ring?

If your eyes are suddenly yellow or gold in Elden Ring, it’s to do with your recent Dragon-related deeds. Your character’s eyes will turn a yellow color after eating a number of Dragon Hearts.

They will also change when you head to the Church of Dragon Communion and exchange hearts for Elden Ring’s powerful Dragon Incantations!

You can get there via Coastal Cave, right near the Elden Ring starting area, shown below.

Elden Ring Church Of Dragon Communion Location

How to Remove Red or Yellow/Gold Eyes in Elden Ring

  • To get rid of red or gold eyes in Elden Ring, simply fast travel to Roundtable Hold (the hub world location at the bottom left of your map).
  • There, seek out Fia’s room and interact with her mirror.
  • Using the Dressing Table, select Detailed Appearance > Alter Face & Hair
  • Then toggle Eye Alternation to Off.
  • Just like that, you’ve got your regular eye appearance back in Elden Ring!

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