Preceptor Seluvis is one of Elden Ring’s most interesting characters and who to give his potion to is a huge dilemma. Here’s what you should do with it!

Elden Ring players will first find the arrogant sorcerer Preceptor Seluvis when visiting Ranni the witch and he won’t be a character you’ll forget quickly.

His questline might be quite simple, but it presents players with a difficult decision. Who do you give the potion from Seluvis to?

Luckily, we’ve got all of the outcomes so you can decide who to give Seluvis’ potion to!

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Elden Ring Preceptor Seluvis Questline Guide

When speaking to Seluvis’ spectral form on the ground floor of Ranni’s Rise, he will ask you to meet him at his tower, Seluvis’s Rise. Here he will give you a potion to give to Nepheli, but should you do it?

Who to Give Seluvis’ Potion to in Elden Ring

Give Nepheli Loux the Potion

  • To give the potion to Nepheli, you will have to get part of the way through the Nepheli Loux questline.
  • You will find her sitting at the bottom of the stairs at Roundtable Hold.
  • Giving Nepheli the potion lets you get the Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet after finding the puppet in Seluvis’ hidden laboratory. Although, you can also get this later from Pidia in Caria Manor.
  • However, we recommend not doing this because it will mean you can’t complete Nepheli’s questline.

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Elden Ring Nepheli Loux Throne Room

Give Dung Eater the Potion

  • Alternatively, if you have progressed the Dung Eater questline to the point where you need to get him Seedbed Curses, you can give him the potion.
  • Giving the potion to Dung Eater also makes him a puppet and lets you get the Dung Eater Summon from Seluvis later, but it is not recommended.
  • This is because it locks you out of the rest of Dung Eater’s quest and also one of the game’s endings.

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Elden Ring Dung Eater

Give Gideon Ofnir the Potion

  • Finally, the best option is to give the potion to Gideon Ofnir, also in Roundtable Hold.
  • Speaking to Gideon gives you the option to hand over the potion to him. He will then dispose of it and tell you to lie to Seluvis.
  • This is the best option as it lets you continue both Nepheli Loux and Dung Eater’s quests. Plus, Seluvis will just think the potion didn’t work, meaning you can continue his quest as well.
  • The only downside is that you can’t get either of the summons. Don’t worry though – there are plenty more great Spirit Ash Summons to get!
Elden Ring Gideon Ofnir

Seluvis Questline Part 2 – Should You Give Ranni the Potion?

  • After returning to Seluvis, you can learn new spells from him, and he gives you a hint about how to get to Nokron. However, there is more to Seluvis than this.
  • There is a hidden underground room in the ruins by Ranni’s Rise. This is Seluvis’ laboratory which contains his puppets and something very important you need for the Sorceress Sellen questline!
  • You can now speak to Seluvis again, and he will reveal a plot to give Ranni a potion and turn her into a Puppet.
  • If you agree, you will have to find an Amber Starlight Shard in Altus Plateau and bring it back to him.
  • He will then reward you with the Magic Scorpion Charm, and next time you come back will ask you to give the sorceress Ranni the Amber Draught.
Elden Ring Seluvis Secret Lab
  • Ranni’s questline and the Moonlight Greatsword will be locked as giving her the potion will upset her. However, you can visit the Church of Vows to absolve your sins if you want to continue her quest.
  • Therefore, we only recommend giving Ranni the potion if you don’t want to continue her quest or have a Celestial Dew to use at the Chruch of Vows.
  • Additionally, Seluvis will die as soon as you try to give Ranni the Amber Draught. This is the end of his questline in Elden Ring.

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