Elden Ring players are discovering the power of the White Mask helm, one of the best pieces of armor in the game. Here’s where to get it:

Elden Ring has been out for almost a month now, and many Tarnished are finally coming to the end of their adventure in the Lands Between.

And as they do, the very best endgame builds are now coming to light. All of Elden Ring’s best weapons are now known and passionately debated amongst the fans.

But when it comes to armor, there might be no helm out there that can keep up with Elden Ring’s White Mask.

What Is the White Mask in Elden Ring & Why Is It Good?

The White Mask raises its user’s attack power by a full 10% for 20 seconds once blood loss occurs nearby. Because of that, it’s an incredibly good pairing with high bleed damage weapons such as the ridiculous Rivers of Blood Katana – get yours here!

Elden Ring White Mask

We’d go as far as to say that you absolutely need that katana, or another suitably high bleed damage weapon, when rocking the White Mask in Elden Ring.

Get your hands on the helm, then check out this insane vampire build in Elden Ring to be a menace to enemies and players alike.

Where to Find the White Mask in Elden Ring

  • First, you’ll need to know how to get to Mohgwyn Palace, a secret underground area on the Elden Ring map.
  • Head up the stairs to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum to receive the map below. Then make your way through the area until you see encounter the lake of blood.
  • Just East of the Mausoleum, you’ll need to travel into the blood bog area, in approximately the location below.
  • In this area, players will be invaded by up to three Nameless White Mask NPCs. The one in this location should drop the White Mask helm when defeated, as well as the War Surgeon Gown, Gloves, and Trousers.

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Where to Find the White Mask in Elden Ring

Now that you’ve got your hands on one of the best helms in the game, why not make sure you know where to find every Legendary Armament in Elden Ring next?

Although you’ll need to take down up to 3 invaders to get your hands on this item, it’s a good thing they’re NPCs.

If you’re having trouble tracking down the item’s location, this helpful guide by Jaiko will show you exactly where you need to go:

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