The Jellyfish Shield looks just as cool as it is effective at protecting you in Elden Ring – here’s where you can find it!

There are enemies trying to kill you around every corner in the Land Between, so you’ll need a good shield to protect you from incoming attacks.

One of the very best (and coolest looking) shields you can get early on in Elden Ring is the Jellyfish Shield. In fact, you can get it as soon as you start the game!

Although, before you find this shield, you’ll want to know what weapons to use alongside it:

What Does the Jellyfish Shield Do in Elden Ring?

The Jellyfish Shield is a unique Greatshield that protects you from physical damage. Plus, it has a weapon ability that turns the shield red and increases your damage by 20% for 30 seconds!

Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield

To wield the Jellyfish Shield, you’ll need 20 Strength and 14 Dexterity, and the shield has a D rating for Strength scaling. You can also upgrade it using Somber Smithing Stones.

What’s more, its powerful weapon ability, Contagious Rage, only costs 9 Focus Points so it suits build even with low Mind.

Plus, getting the shield is very simple – all it takes is getting to the location below and defeating a small group of angry red jellyfish!

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Where to Find the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring – Location + Map

Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield Location Map
  • First, you’ll need to get to Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • If you haven’t gotten there yet, use this secret shortcut to skip past Stormveil Castle.
  • Once you’re in Liurnia, head northwest to the Foot of the Four Belfries Site of Grace.
  • From the Grace, head north along the road until you come across four hostile red jellyfish.
  • You can loot the Jellyfish Shield from the corpse on the broken wagon which the jellyfish are surrounding.

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Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield

Best Weapons For Your Build in Elden Ring

Check out Karpo Gaming’s video on how to get the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring below if you need some more help.

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