If you’re looking for a spell that can completely eliminate a boss in a single cast, look no further than Meteorite of Astel in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring appears to have a heavy focus on magic, in a way that no other Souls title has done before. While previous entries in the franchise have seen players able to use powerful spells, the variety and power of magic in Elden Ring is truly unmatched.

And while you don’t even need to touch the arcane arts in some of Elden Ring’s more melee-focused classes, we’d always recommend putting a point or two into Mind and Intelligence.

Elden Ring Meteorite of Astel

After all, just look at this insane frostbite mage build in Elden Ring which can blast through enemies in a heartbeat!

But if you’re more of a melee-is-king player, why not check out Elden Ring’s insane health regen vampire build instead?

Meteorite of Astel Spell Location in Elden Ring

Yelough Anix Tunnel Elden Ring
  • Head inside, down the lift, and rest at the Site of Grace.
  • Make your way through Yelough Anix Tunnel’s dungeon. The easiest route is to head down the tunnel until you see a drop on your left side.
  • Drop down, then head South through the tunnel and follow the path until you get to a ladder. Climb up it, then up the second ladder.
Elden Ring Where to Find the Meteorite of Astel
  • Head down the tunnel ahead and don’t miss a sneaky path to the South when heading into the adjacent room. Take the path to the West and open the wooden door for an easy path back to the boss fight.
  • Then it’s time to take on one of the trickiest boss fights in Elden Ring – here’s how to beat Astel, Stars of Darkness.

Taking down the difficult foe is well worth your time though. After all, doing so will reward you with Meteorite of Astel, a spell that allows you to rain down meteorites on your enemies until your FP is extinguished.

Make sure to increase your FP as much as possible in Elden Ring to take advantage of this spell’s power. What’s more, you should also use the best Talismans in Elden Ring to enhance your sorceries for some bonus damage and a quicker cast time.

Finally, be sure to pick up the best staff in Elden Ring to make your new spell as powerful as possible. Those invaders (and Elden Lords) won’t know what hit them.

For a full video walkthrough regarding where to find the Meteorite of Astel in Elden Ring, take a look at this quick guide by YouTuber Caspahz.

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