Elden Ring is here, and the Lands Between threaten to challenge your skill as only a FromSoftware game could. Here’s where to find the Flask of Wondrous Physick in Elden Ring and make your quest a little less brutal.

FromSoftware’s newest game is here. Hardcore gamers are already scouring the web for details on Hidetaka Miyazaki’s epic collaboration with fantasy writer George R. R. Martin.

But, the Japanese company’s games are well-known for revealing the bare minimum to you as you play. Elden Ring’s expansive map can be tricky to traverse, so you should know where you’re heading before you set off.

And when it’s this tough to take down the many bosses of Elden Ring, you’ll need to be equipped for every trip.

That’s where inventory management comes into play. There are some essentials that you really should keep to hand as you traverse the game’s open-world.

Some of the most important items are Flasks, of which there are three different types. Here’s how to get your hands on the Flask of Wondrous Physick.

If you want to cross the Lands Between faster, you’ll need to know everything about the game’s mount, including how to ride it!

Elden Ring Character stares out over Lands Between

What is the Flask of Wondrous Physick?

The Flask of Wondrous Physick is a dedicated flask to combine Crystal Tears at a Site of Grace. The tears are mixed, offering boosts to all kinds of status effects and combat abilities.

Elden Ring uses consumable items to give the player buffs to their stats. However, sometimes you’ll need to combine certain items to achieve particular effects and gain an advantage over your foes.

And if your other Flasks aren’t getting you through in one piece, it’s essential that you know how to get more and upgrade them!

Think you’ve made the wrong choices – don’t worry! You can also re-spec your Elden Ring character with ease.

Elden Ring Flask of Wondrous Physick

Where to find the Flask of Wondrous Physick

FromSoftware’s open-world map is huge, but this Flask can be found early on at the Third Church of Marika in Eastern Limgrave. This exact location is available right from the beginning of the game.

Check out our handy map below to see where the Third Church of Marika is located within the Lands Between!

And if you’re building a Mage character, you’ll need to know where to find every spell in Elden Ring to embrace the game’s magic!

If you’re curious about just how big Elden Ring’s map is and want to see more of it for yourself, we’ve gathered all the known intel here!

Flask of Wondrous Physick Map NEW

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