If your build on Elden Ring includes an Arcane high stat and you want to have a significant advantage in boss fights, getting the Bloody Slash Ash of War is a must!

Elden Ring is tough as nails, just like all the Souslikes produced by FromSoftware. Traversing the Lands Between can prove to be a considerable challenge at some points, even for seasoned players.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which players can balance the scale to their side! Elden Ring offers considerably more ways for players to defend themselves in what could initially seem impossible battles.

For instance, players can now summon Spirit Ashes when gaming alone to help them face obstacles or some bosses.

As an additional resource, players have the new Ashes of War. In particular, if your build has a high Arcane stat, the Bloody Slash Ash of War can be quite overpowered in boss fights!

Elden Ring Mini Boss

What Is Bloody Slash Ash of War in Elden Ring?

Bloody Slash is one of the best Ashes of War in the game if your build has a strong Arcane Stat. It coats swords with the Tarnished’s own blood and then delivers a slash in a wide arc.

Here is every detail you need to know about using Ashes of War in Elden Ring!

Instead of just costing FP per use, this Ash of War consumes 60 HP. It also adds Blood affinity, which includes Arcane scaling (regardless of the Affinity chosen) and bleed status buildup in attacks.

However, be aware that Bloody Slash will also use 6 FP, so it’s not totally without an FP cost!

Where to Find Bloody Slash Ash of War in Elden Ring – Location + Map

You can find the Bloody Ash of War in Elden Ring after defeating the Beast Crest Heater Knight. You can find this knight at the top of the ramparts of Fort Haight, in the eastern part of Limgrave.

To get to Fort Haight, follow these steps:

  • If you have already discovered the Fort Haight West Site of Grace, just fast travel to this point and head east until you find the fort. For guidance, here are all the Sites of Grace in Elden Ring.
  • If this point is not yet available to you, you can travel to the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace in Limgrave.
  • From there, follow the main road all the way south as it leads directly to Fort Haight

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Fort Haight Elden Ring Map

Getting the Bloody Slash Ash of War at Fort Haight

Follow these steps to get the Bloody Slash Ash of War at Fort Haight in Elden Ring:

  • Make sure to go prepared, there are some enemies covering behind some log barriers at the entrance of the castle. Get past these enemies.
  • As soon you progress to the entrance, a mad pumpkin head enemy will descend from the entrance of the fort. Defeat it and collect the Golden Seed located right in front of the fort if you have not already. If you want more seeds, here are all the Golden Seed locations in Elden Ring!
  • Inside the fort, you will find several small enemies; some of them will throw fire pots at you. Make sure you dodge the upcoming projectiles and defeat them all.
  • Climb the stairs to the left and face the Beast Crest Heater Knight. After defeating it, it will grant you the Bloody Ash of War in Elden Ring.

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Bloody Slash Ash of War Elden Ring

The Bloody Slash Ash of War will undoubtedly come of use during many boss battles in Elden Ring! If you want to try out your newly acquired Ash of War, here is a list of all the bosses in Elden Ring.

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