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Elden Ring: Where to Find All Crystal Tears Locations + Map

Crystal Tears are vital items in Elden Ring that will allow players to mix up their own tonic in the Wonderous Flask to use for their advantage.

Elden Ring is a challenging adventure that will take you through some breathtaking landscapes. The game itself is massive and boasts several areas that players need to explore.

But to explore some areas, you’re going to need to level up your stats and make sure that your items are appropriately upgraded.

One of the items that could help immensely during your journey is Crystal Tears.

Elden Ring Cosmic Arena with Planet

Elden Ring: What are Crystal Tears?

Crystal Tears are special items that you can mix into the Wondrous Flask to obtain special buffs unique to your playstyle. They can be the difference between life and death in Elden Ring.

Think of them as mixing a potion. Want something that gives you Focus Points and boosts stamina? It’s possible. Need to up your defense on a few specific damage types? Start finding Crystal Tears.

It’s a great way to craft your playstyle to your liking and boost your abilities mid-boss fight. To use them, you’ll need to find the Wondrous Physick Flask and mix your tears at a Site of Grace.

From there, add the Wondrous Physick Flask to your items, and you’ll be able to use it. You get one charge. Once you’ve used it, you can recharge your flask by resting at a Site of Grace.

But first, you need Crystal Tears, so here’s where to find all the ones we’ve seen in Elden Ring so far.

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Crystal Tear Locations & Map Guide


Elden Ring Crystal Tear Limgrave

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Elden Ring Crystal Tears Limgrave
  • 1. Strength-Knot Crystal Tear – Head over to the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace. Head directly north up to a hill where you will see a giant. You can either defeat the giant or hop on your mount. The Crystal Tear will be at the edge of a hill on a stone basin.
  • 2. Crimson Crystal Tear – Found next to the Wondrous Physick Flask at the Third Church of Marika. In front of the statue.
  • 3. Greenspill Crystal Tear – Found in a small stone basin near the Minor Erdtree. You’ll see it directly under the south area of the Minor Erdtree.
  • 4. Spiked Cracked Tear – Found in a small stone basin near the Minor Erdtree. Next to the Greenspill Crystal Tear.

Weeping Peninsula

Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring
  • 5. Crimsonburst Crystal Tear – Dropped by Erdtree Avatar. You’ll find the Erdtree Avatar near the Minor Erdtree.
  • 6. Opaline Bubble Tear – Dropped by Erdtree Avatar near the Minor Erdtree alongside the Crimsonburst Crystal Tear.
  • 7. Faith-Knot Crystal Tear – Just north of the Demi-Human Forest Ruins. Just explore until you find a few of the poison flowers. They’ll be around a stone basin where the Faith-Knot Crystal Tear will be located.

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Liurnia of the Lakes

If you want to get these Crystal Tears as soon as possible, you can skip Stormveil Castle to explore Liurnia of the Lakes!

Liurnia Crystal Tears
Lirunia Crystal Tears
  • 8. Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear – Can be found northwest of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. Careful of going to north as it will trigger a Deathbird boss fight. The Crystal Tear will be on a small hill along with some enemies so be ready for a battle.
  • 9. These next two Crystal Tears will all be dropped after defeating the Erdtree Avatar in the Minor Erdtree in the southwest area of Liurna of the Lakes. Next to the Converted Tower Site of Grace.
    • Cerulean Crystal Tear
    • Ruptured Crystal Tear
  • 10. The next three Crystal Tears will all be dropped after defeating the Erdtree Avatar in the Minor Erdtree in the northeast area of Liurna of the Lakes. Near the Mausoleum Compound.
    • Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
    • Lightning-Shrounding Cracked Tear
    • Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear


Caelid Elden Ring Crystal Tears
  • 11. These next two Crystal Tears will all be dropped after defeating the Erdtree Avatar in the Minor Erdtree in the northwestern area of Caelid.
    • Greenburst Crystal Tear
    • Flame Shrounding Cracked Tear
  • 12. Opaline Hardtrear – Dropped by defeating the Putrid Avatar on northeastern area of Caelid in the Minor Erdtree. Near the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace.

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Mt. Gelmir

Mt. Gelmir Elden Ring Crystal Tears
  • 13. Leaden Hard Tear – Dropped after defeating Ulcerated Tree Spirit in northeastern part of Mt. Gelmir near the Minor Erdtree.

Atlus Plateau

Atlus Plateau Elden Ring
  • 14. These next two Crystal Tears will be located at the base of the Minor Erdtree in the northwestern area of Atlus Plateau. They’ll be guarded by a few enemies but you can find them both on a stone basin.
    • Winged Crystal Tear
    • Twiggy Cracked Tear
  • 15. Be careful because this Minor Erdtree also hosts Wormface, the boss that will drop the next two Crystal Tears. Defeat him and they will be yours.
    • Speckled Hard Tear
    • Crimsonspill Crystal
  • Purifying Crystal Tear
    • Can be found after completed the Yura questline and defeating Bloody Finger Eleonora.

Mountaintops of the Giants

Elden Ring Crystal Tears Map
  • 16. Crimson Bubble Tear – Dropped by the Erdtree Avatar in the eastern area of the Mountaintops of the Giants by the Minor Erdtree.

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Once you’ve figured out which Crystal Tears are right for your build, adventuring through the massive world of the Lands Between will be a little less punishing.

But, having a great Wondrous Physick Flask isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Make sure you find all the Golden Seed locations to upgrade the number of uses of your Cerleuan and Crimson Flasks.

And, if you’ve already sunk in a ton of time and find that your build isn’t what you were hoping for, don’t worry. There’s a way to re-spec your character. Just make sure you’ve found some Larval Tears first.

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Thursday 3rd of March 2022

I know you probably have no pride in your work, but this is a incomplete guide, your missing a few note-able tears obtained through questlines, for example the purifying crystal tear.