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Elden Ring: Where to Buy a Bow

FromSoftware presents Elden Ring players with a slew of different approaches to combat, encouraging variety from start to finish. If you want to angle towards a ranged build, here’s where you can buy a bow!

Bows are especially useful for taking down enemies from afar, whether that’s to maintain an element of secrecy or if they’re simply out of melee range.

However, not every class starts out with a bow in its inventory. On top of that, it’s not explicitly explained to you where a bow can be purchased.

This is FromSoftware, after all. Elden Ring is typically vague in guiding your progress, so here’s where you can trade your Runes for a bow.

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Elden Ring Bow Fire Arrow

Where to Find a Bow in Limgrave

It is possible to purchase a bow immediately after you’re released into the Lands Between. You just need to find the merchant.

And this particular salesman is along the path much less traveled. In fact, he’s easily missable altogether.

From the starting point, as you exit Fringefolk Hero’s Grave into the open world, travel north-west. You’ll pass the Church of Elleh and another merchant, Kalé. Continue west of the small pond.

Next, you’ll arrive at a beach, but don’t spend too long admiring the view. Head south along the sand, but ignore the Coastal Cave dungeon, for now.

Ride further until you find a huge rock arch. Camped beneath it is the merchant you’re looking for.

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Bow Merchant Map

Elden Ring Merchant Item – Shortbow

It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll get the job done. Well, sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll be looting better bows in no time, once you journey deeper into the Lands Between.

Since you’re with the merchant already, don’t forget to stock up on arrows if you’ve got some Runes going spare. And with this bow costing just 600 Runes, it’s likely you will have.

Elden Ring Shortbow Stats

Buying a Bow in the Roundtable Hold

For those who have progressed a little further through Elden Ring, the shortbow probably won’t cut it.

You’re going to need something bigger, and as long as you’ve gained access to the Roundtable Hold, you can get just that.

Travel to the Hold via your map and head past the ever-silent Ensha of the Royal Remains. In the next room, you’ll find a decrepit being known as the Twin Maiden Husks.

The Twin Maiden Husks sell items that are often rather generic. So, whilst the bow they sell might not do anything unique, it should get you through to your next boss encounter and beyond.

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Roundtable Hold

Elden Ring Merchant Item – Longbow

Bigger isn’t always better, but it is in this case. The Longbow is superior to the Shortbow in every way, even down to the range (50 vs 29, respectively).

That being said, there is a considerable price difference involved. The Longbow is double that of the Shortbow, at 1,200 Runes.

There are no enemies inside the upper level of the Roundtable Hold, so be sure you’re rich enough… or willing to sell something else.

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