Elden Rings PvP can be a little bit cumbersome to understand due to the game’s level system.

Elden Ring is extremely popular, and its sales figures have been notorious. This praise is well deserved, as the world in Elden Ring is crammed with details and discoveries waiting at every corner.

However, it will take any player a long time to discover all the secrets The Lands Between offers.

The good news is that after completing all these quests and conquering every boss, Elden Ring offers a robust PvP for players to enjoy.

Nevertheless, like every other mechanic in the game, PvP in Elden Ring has its quirks and gimmicks.

PvP is somewhat affected by your character’s level, so here we will let you know what the recommended level for an optimal experience in Elden Ring is!

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The Elden Ring community agrees with 150 as the meta level for PvP, as matchmaking depends on the player’s current level and the level of the highest upgraded weapon.

When talking about PvP, your level does matter, as it will determine the pool of players you are matched against.

There are several aspects why this level seems to be the more popular amongst the community:

  • You will most likely reach this level naturally as you progress through your first playthrough
  • A level below 125 would be too low for a New Game+ playthrough, making it more difficult than it should
  • Weapon requirements are high, and the 150-level cap would allow for decent PvP build flexibility
  • The recommended 150 level allows for hitting the soft caps of Vigor, Endurance, and an additional damage stat
  • For spell casters, there is the additional Mind stat that also needs attention
  • A 150 level allows for a 60 Vigor option, which is quite helpful on PvP

Aside from all the serious technical talk, the Elden Ring community is also a ton of fun. These are the best memes the Elden Ring community has created thus far!

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Elden Ring Cinematic Trailer

Lastly, many rumors have detailed interesting details about the possible upcoming Elden Ring DLC.

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