Elden Ring has many cool secrets, and a fan just discovered a visual bug that does something unique for the Dark Moon Greatsword!

The Lands Between is a place riddled with puzzles, mystery, and secrets to discover. The game has been out for several weeks now, and players are still finding cool easter eggs and surprises.

The game includes cameos of famous characters in the Soulslike series and other cool details to keep players entertained.

Just as the lore in the game, these details are well hidden. It takes a good eye or even an accidental discovery for them to come to light.

One player discovered what seems to be a visual bug that could easily be disguised as a cool easter egg feature!

Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword

Elden Ring’s Dark Moon Greatsword Visual Bug Makes It Look Cooler Than Ever

Redditor Nuu111 shared an image of a change of look the Dark Moon Greatsword gets when seen through a ghost or any transparent surface such as the Jellyfish Shield.

Once you get a view of the sword through a translucent surface, you can clearly see a blue frostlike pattern on the blade. This pattern is very similar to what you would see on a snowflake.

This alone is a nice touch that could be considered an intentional addition to the game. Nevertheless, another Redditor in the comments clarified this is not the case.

According to Redditor Prionysus, a visual glitch causes this effect. This glitch triggers once two semi-transparent objects transpose.

Apparently, this happens because the texture effects on the sword do not load appropriately once you view it through another transparent texture.

Some other commentators on the thread ran some tests to confirm these theories. According to them, the Jellyfish Shield and the Golder Order Greatsword.

This confirms that this is a graphical bug and not an intended feature. Without a doubt, we hope FromSoftwore does not patch this bug anytime soon!

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As gamers explore the game, they have discovered a lot of exciting details! A fan of the game recently shared an OP build to boos the Giantsflame Takee Thee Incantation to the limit!

Other players have completely mastered the Dragon Comunnion Incantations with this OP build.

Overall, Elden Ring is a ton of fun, and the community is enjoying every bit of it!

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