The Elden Ring version 1.08 patch has just dropped, and it contains the new colosseum DLC, additional character customization options, and plenty of game-balancing tweaks!

Over eight months since its initial release, Elden Ring is finally getting its first major update that introduces a significant amount of content to the game.

The 1.08 patch contains plenty for PvP battlers to get stuck into with the new colosseums DLC, but there are also some little extras and balancing changes too!

New Content in the Elden Ring 1.08 Patch

The Elden Ring version 1.08 patch has opened up three colosseums around The Lands Between. These introduce new ways to battle other players online, and each has different modes of combat.

Additionally, there are five new hairstyles to give your Tarnished using the in-game character creator.

Make sure you know the top 10 best weapons to use in the Elden Ring colosseum before you start battling.

Also, if you want to see the new in-game hairstyles, you’ll need to know how to customize your character in Elden Ring.

players walking up to the colosseum in Elden Ring

PvP Balancing

The 1.08 patch for Elden Ring contains several balancing changes for PvP, which is especially important considering that players will be jumping into online battles in the colosseums.

The main changes for PvP include:

  • Reduced counterattack damage for thrusting weapons
  • Reduced guard efficiency while attacking with certain weapons and holding your shield up
  • Reduced poise damage for these weapon types:
    • Straight Swords
    • Thrusting Swords
    • Heavy Thrusting Swords
    • Curved Swords
    • Axes
    • Spears
    • Twinblade Swords
    • Katanas

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Caelid Colosseum Elden Ring

General Balancing

General game balancing in the Elden Ring version 1.08 patch includes buffs for weapon types like Daggers, Axes, Hammers, and Claws.

Meanwhile, large weapon types like Heavy Thrusting Swords, Great Hammers, and some Colossal Weapons now have reduced poise damage.

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Read the full Elden Ring version 1.08 patch notes here. This includes more detail about the update as well as a full list of bug fixes included in the patch.

Hopefully, the colosseum update will be just the start for Elden Ring DLC. Here’s every rumor we know about the possible upcoming Elden Ring DLC.

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