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Elden Ring Update Coming March According to Insider

Elden Ring updates have been thin on the ground since the game’s reveal – but could that change as early as next month?

While we know Elden Ring updates will come eventually, the wait is proving quite frustrating to many Dark Souls and Game of Thrones fans.

The game is, of course, a collaboration between George R.R Martin and FromSoftware. So it’s likely to be dark, brutal, and utterly addictive. The idea of these two worlds colliding is a tantalizing prospect, so no wonder fans are keen to learn more.

One insider suggested Elden Ring updates could arrive during February’s State of Play event, but no such news came. However, now another insider suspects March could be the month we finally see more of Elden Ring.

During an episode of his weekly podcast, Jeff Grubb shared his latest thoughts on when an Elden Ring update could arrive. Grubb expressed his confidence in seeing an Elden Ring reveal before Starfield – Bethesda’s next big project.

Elden Ring Concept

We agree, as if there’s any triple-A title more mysterious than Elden Ring right now, it would be Starfield. Grubb then said he knows some new information from "a combination of sources."

He said, “They gave me confidence that Elden Ring would be by the end of March. I've never had an exact date; I've had some reasons to be confident. That's kind of how I try to phrase it, and I know that it leaves gaps, and people sort of fill those gaps, and they think there is more behind that.”

Could We See Elden Rings Later Than March?

He went on to say, “I know enough to be confident, but if it were to slip into April, I would apologize. But I will continue to say you are not going to wait long.” Finally, Grubb said that he finds it highly unlikely that we’ll get to E3 2021 without an Elden Ring update.

Grubb has been reliable in the past when it comes to inside gaming information, so we don’t doubt his sources. The only question is, will the developers any the updates before E3, or simply wait until this year’s show for a full reveal?

Elden Ring

Neither scenario would surprise us, but we think an update in March/April, followed by something more significant at E3 is most realistic. But this is just our prediction, FromSoftware may have other plans.

There’s still a possibility that the game’s update could appear at the next State of Play event, which we suspect will take place at the end of March. But Sony hasn’t yet confirmed if one will take place.

But this is certainly a possibility. Until then, here’s everything we currently know about Elden Ring.

Sony has also promised that more PS5 games will be coming to the PS Plus Library in the future. And that they will continue to support free PS4 and PS5 games through PS Plus on a monthly basis.

In other Sony news, PlayStation’s Play At Home promotion will be returning in 2021 after it was successful in 2020. Tonight’s show may also provide an update about PS5 games coming on PC.

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